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The BBC has just rubber stamped the innocence of Timothy Evans for the Nth time. People in the know disagree.
If our past life haunts us, we can write about it, but we should never try to trace them again as we'll probably be disappointed with our findings.
Enjoy cold soups and rich and nutritious salads in Summer as done by the Mediterranean.
The land of piano in the South East Asia. Where is it?
Recreation is different from leisure in that leisure is passive indulgence while recreation demands some activity from the participant. Here we see some leisure and vacation time activity in various regions of the world, specifically touched by the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans....
Words are only powerful when they are spoken, written, transported from our thoughts to the page, to emerge from the incunabula of our most infantile ideas. Only then will they create a world that breathes our own truth. Our own unique perspectives can become like paraphs on the writt...
My Healing Places retreat material concludes with Session 5, Healing at the frontiers.
Session 4 in the Healing Places series is the possessors at the frontiers. Having reflected previously on the dispossessed, now we turn to the possessors - those to whom much has been given. who have taken possession, taken ownership, taken power - have they used their power and resou...
Healing Places retreat material 3 - The dispossessed at the frontiers.
Healing Places Part 2 - a reflection on frontier places - places of facing newness and change, of feeling vulnerable or uncertain.
A retreat at Bishop's House, Iona, April 2005. Healing places was the theme of a retreat I led at Bishop's House, Iona between 16-21 April 2005. Building on the material I'd then been developing on an urban theology of land.
In this concluding session of roundup of tourist attractions of South India, we have a look at Tamilnadu and Kerala. Tamilnadu has plenty of temples, forts and museums. Kerala is an idyllic place where backwaters charm tourists and residents alike. Come partake in this adventure and g...
When you want to make that trip on your annual family vacation, you need to avail of best tourist packages so you do not end up spending too much. In this article, you can read about various aspects of exciting Indian destinations so that you can plan your holiday itinerary accordingl...
Of many tourists places in the world, Portugal stands out in many respects. One lies in its history, evidence of which we see in its museums and palaces. If you love the beach and the sun and plenty of seafood, then you will find Portugal invigorating.
Tourists like two things. They like to see something new and they like to visit exciting places. Here we see some traditional tourist hot spots ideal for a family vacation. Next we see some ghost towns deserted but preserved intact even today. And how about some real ghosts?
There is a place somewhere where we can all find the joy and harmony we want for ourselves. It takes a clear intention to be there and many will come to trip you up on your journey because they are not there and do not want you to get there either...disregard them...keep on...
Turkey is an interesting place to visit. It has several sites of historical value and several having cultural significance. Museums, palaces and churches abound in this town. It is a good place for your family vacation.
This poem is about my dream of being on a tropical paradise. This place is calm and peaceful.
How can we be so right and yet so wrong, when we think we know what is going on is just before we fall upon our face so we might as well be happy ..even when we are feeling crappy..such fun....
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
Varanasi the religious city of Hindus. It is the adobe of Lord Shiva.
There can´t be shame in relying on writing prompts when inspiration seems to have abandoned us, provided we use our imagination.
Towards the mid autumn festival which will fall on 19 September, many restaurants and hotels offer mooncake
In every truth stands a lie and in every fairytale lies a truth...a hidden meaning to be seen by those who delve the secret teachings. It's magic but you have to believe to good luck.....
Yes there is always those changes that can alter one position
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