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Demon creatures are just waiting to cause you damage... and yes, by that I mean your posessions AND you personally!!! If you don't resist, they'll eat you too.
A collection of best and highly recommended plagiarism detection tools of 2015 for webmasters for getting started.
The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
The Westin Excelsior is famously known for languishing their guests with some of the most decadent suites that a first rate hotel can offer the privileged. However ghost hunters prefer room 152 where they are guaranteed paranormal activity that occurs in the room at all hours.
Zombies are everywhere in pop culture and can't be avoided even if you want to. This article is my perspective into some of the reasons that Zombie Culture is so infectious.
Hidden gems can be found all over Britain. This article highlights part of east Devon - Colyton, Seaton and the Axe valley in between - that is deserving of greater attention.
What would happen if there was an event which took 1/3rd of the World's Population
The final part of the series on The Black Death which killed about 1/3rd of the population of the infected areas
Understanding why the Black Plague of the 1300s was so devastating
The aftermath of the Black Death and its effect on Europe
General information about the various dental diseases.
This is a book review of Dan Brown's latest work, Inferno. Robert Langdon tries to the prevent pathogen release that will kill 4 billion people. It is a race through hell to save humanity and the Earth. Can he do it in time. The answers are in hell.
The plague is among us! The black or other colored death is here! May we all survive the epidemic
The second part of the series on the the Black Death, moving from China into the rest of the world.
The third part in a short series on the black death and the terror it caused
Plague of the Dark Ages is one of the subjects that have held some fascination for me, partially because it had such a devastating effect on the world at that time. At least 25 million people or one third of the population of Europe were killed during five years time
The Black Death or the Bubonic plague, it had many names but in its wake it very nearly wiped out Europe.
~shortly after my father died~I attempted astral projection~wasn’t very good at~ended up in a vast lonely of trees~quiet there except~needles & leaves~chanting messages~penetrating the awful darkness of my grief~I didn’t want to return~to the fierce reality of life~
Black death is ancient epidemic diseases brought by rodents and spread massively for centuries almost eliminated half of Europe and neighboring countries population. Find out about the signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment.
Apocalypse is the illumination of the scriptures, the prophetic tapestry revealed in rich magnitude of revelation, you get the allegorical sense of spiritual simplicity, pouring out in the use of everyday language.
How the use of a word to represent one thing, and it has not changed
The Great Plague Of London 1665 .By September reached 7000 deaths a week, we look at why it happened and how it ended.
This will turn into a very long production. Lost Humanity has been a pet project of mine for a while now. I have kind of fallen behind on it, but that's about to turn around (I hope). To start, here is the prologue to the (hopefully) episodic release of Lost Humanity, a tale of the en...
This article looks at the history of the Great Plague in Iran.
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