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The act of transmigration was an illuminating prospect for the planetary races of the HUman pioneers, our long-forgotten by many, parents, who first brought the diverse races from other planets to this earth on a project whose enormity equaled no other at the time nor since. – Uthra...
John is falling through space, facing a sure death...... Suddenly, a glimmer of Hope....
We are dependent on Sun for our survival. But do planets of the solar system have any effect on our lives? Astrology believes so. If that is the case would praying to Planets solve our problems?
NASA recently discovered a new planet which is very much similar to the Earth and is believed to be habitable or inhabited already.
How the end of the world changed my life by highlighting the asynchronous nature of the currently accepted calender system.
There is currently a tremendous scurrying towards the occult as well as various forms of Astrological predictors in an attempt to try and make some sense of all the calamities striking our planet at the moment. One after another, cataclysm strikes a city or country somewhere, commod...
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