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Malaysia is indeed an Islamic finance haven in the present era, but the nation's journey from being a British ruled colony to transforming into a thriving market-led economy is also an interesting one. Let's delve into the journey of this vibrant Asian economy from gaining independenc...
Facing a New Year, we may decide to do things in the usual fashion. If you are searching for a strategy or game plan, here is one that might work for you.
In this short piece i aim to take you through the steps of planning the perfect presentation and advise on how to speak in public. Like most tasks or problems in life, breaking them down into small more manageable pieces provides for a better result or solution than getting lost in th...
I had so many plans for yesterday, but yesterday I fell asleep and slept for the whole day. But I worried not - there's tomorrow to do it, isn't there? And so tomorrow becomes today, and all my plans are lined up and ready to go. The first thing on the agenda is of course fitne...
To define Vaastu Shastra - Vaastu , which means physical environment and Shastra meaning knowledge or principles, is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture.Its current popularity stems from its focus on a wholesome approach to space and form...
This is an article of limitation disengagement. You cannot win if you do not play, and you cannot lose if you do not play. There is a risk of both. Avoidance of play is never the solution though as we soon shall see.
We can make better use of our time if we are able to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent.
Planning is an essential component of preparing the life to a desired level. If we determine that we have to achieve our definite aim in life , we have to prepare our life from the early days . Sporadic planning from the latter d...
If having blueprints makes you think that you have a card up your sleeve then you are charlie indeed at least for the universe and it's arrangements. You don't need to have your head examined but you certainly got to treat these arrangements solemnly .
Road Construction can have a significant effect on the way you do business. It is important to be prepared, plan, and execute accordingly.
Road Construction can have a significant effect on the way you do business. It is important to be prepared, plan, and execute accordingly.
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
To have a chance at being successful in any business, an entrepreneur needs to have a business plan in place not only when he is looking for finances but also at every phase of the business.
this page is to help people start their business from zero .
If I am going to make the one million views mark I am going to have to start setting some monthly goals and make sure I hit them, starting right now.
There are probably tons of things that can be improved upon or changed within your company, and all these little improvements will end up saving you a lot of money in the end – just be sure to make a plan and look at all the different business aspects.
an article about how effectively home money management works for a working couple with some simple tips and planning.
Moses teaches that leaders do not always appear to be the ones that are most popular, because god choose people who he knows are quiet capable to complete the assign task. Ensure that there is a prayerful atmosphere and dismiss all negative attitude by seeking God’s guidance for tha...
Saving is a good discipline and one that can help you achieve not just your short-term wants (a car, TV or holiday) but your long-term financial goals as well (investments and eventually financial independence).
Success in life has a lot to do with how we use the limited time available to us. And mastering the technique of time management is what this article will help you achieve and practice everyday of your life.
A follower submitted picture prompt has inspired this story about parties and the shenanigans that could happen; please read and enjoy!
There are many necessities in life that are not always enjoyable, yet necessary in order to have balance, completion or whatever is needed to meet the end result. This subject gives some helpful tips on completing these necessary task without loosing perspective.
You have to drive or go on the road of life carefully. You have to live your life mindfully. If you are careless, it will create a heavy loss. Carelessness of even a second may be enough to cause an irretrievable damage.
Effective Leadership can be both emotionally and mentally costly. You must be able to readily identify problems, determine solutions, and delegate responsibilities.
Making list has been one of my favorite tools to stay on track and prioritize. Not much gives me more pleasure than to cross off duties one by one and to see.
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