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This article is based on my own observation. I request the reader to please give opinion and comment.
Soil nutrition determines growth potential in any area. If the soil is rich in nutrients, the growth of plants is abundant. The grouping of fertilizers that help enrich the soil is done according to their chemical composition. Each nutrient has a different role to play in growth of pl...
Keeping a garden blooming and fresh needs lot of effort. The fruits of the labor are well worth it. Garden plants, houseplants, herbs, water plants and vegetables grow well with a little care. Here are some tips to start you off on your kitchen garden odyssey.
Trees have it hard too. They stand there, and look pretty -- a beautiful creation of nature. but they have many hardships. Hardships such as storms, and the yearly passing of seasons. Grow and grow. Trees will grow until they reach the sky. Growing and growing until they reach their ...
You know that insects feed on plants. But you will be surprised to know that some plants feed on insects. They are called insectivorous plants. These plants cannot synthesize protein. So they trap the insects and make use of protein, available in the body of the insect. These plants h...
Every house deserves a little garden that shows off beautiful flowers around an immaculate lawn. Here we see which flowers will be best and how to maintain a lawn in your home garden. Gardening is painstaking work but if done properly, it will give handsome results.
Preparing your kitchen garden is a milestone. As a first crop, grow tomatoes. It is easy to grow them. They are heat loving plants and you will probably need an incubator if your place gets very cold at night.
You can prepare the garden if you understand which kind of soil your garden plants will require. Some plants require excessive sun while others prefer the shade. One must also watch out for lead contamination in garden soils.
Gardening can be rewarding, heartwarming and sometimes frustrating... All at the same time! Come read about and see what grows for me, as well as despite me!
Understand how propagation takes place. This aspect is very important as not all plants can be propagated in the same manner.
Have you ever talked to a rose or plants ? Does a rose listen ? Plants generally and obviously don't have ears but they react to sound. Some people think so.
The dog rose is a species of rose. The dog rose is a species of rose. It can be grown in the United States. This rose plant is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. The flowers of the dog rose are a pink color. Sometimes they are pink and white. Another name for the dog rose plant is...
Black haw is a herb that is native to the southeastern part of North America. It is a small tree with a short, crooked trunk. When the bark of this shrub is mature it is reddish-brown and rough. This herb produces creamy-white flowers that form flat clusters during the spring.
The seeds are very similar to cotton as they are a fluff of fiber. The Cottonwood tree is native to the United States.
Rosemary is a herb that has many medicinal and therapeutic effects. Rosemary helps to fight against infections and inflammations. It is also used to relieve respiratory disorders. This herb is also used in cooking, to make cosmetic items and in herbal beverages. Image Credit - Wikipe...
this poem is about love and how it died before it grew
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar thermal plant that built to provides power to parts of Northern California, US. If fully functioning, this renewable energy project will produce around 377 megawatts of energy.
In this world..somethings seems to be very beautiful like...a flower,a butterfly,the rain,a plant,a baby...All these beautiful things come out into this world after hard transformation..Beautiful things take some time and patience to be expressed...So let us all learn from nature the ...
Basically all vegetable plants can be grown in pots, pepper plants are no exception
Don't throw away that junk, be creative and make a garden out of it! It's sure to make your neighbors..well...think your crazy, but go ahead anyway. Create that Junk Garden!
Gardening allows you to sync with nature. Just as every plant, animal, bird, and bug has a part in the cycle of life, so do you. Doing your part tunes you into nature and how things work together. Gardening becomes a very spiritual activity as the secrets of life unfurl before your ey...
Structuralism as a theory analyses society from a structural viewpoint. In all societies the structures are all the same- that of binary opposition and nature-culture dichotomy, and the contents are culture specific. In fact, human society tends to replicate the larger structure of th...
Today Marijuana is widely used in a manner which is similar to alcohol. For those that are unfamiliar with the substance or have never experienced taking it I do ask you to keep an open mind while reading this article.
I have tried here to demonstrate some species of interior plants that promotes interior decoration and a lot of positive effects for pleasant home environment.
Satyanashi or Mexican prickly poppy, scientific name Argemone mexicana is common wasteland weed of Rabi season. The plant is known for it poisonous properties but has some medicinal values too. Useful Parts of this plant are roots, leaves, seeds and yellow juice.
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