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Max and Danielle were torn apart by war. Destiny brought them back together again. Their love will last an eternity.
Gardening can be rewarding, heartwarming and sometimes frustrating... All at the same time! Come read about and see what grows for me, as well as despite me!
Day in the garden clearing and planting and making it looking good and beautiful again
Understand how propagation takes place. This aspect is very important as not all plants can be propagated in the same manner.
Have you ever talked to a rose or plants ? Does a rose listen ? Plants generally and obviously don't have ears but they react to sound. Some people think so.
It is obvious that many people have no idea how to care for fir trees. Fir trees are dying right in front of our eyes and it is time to do something about it.
Short on cash, but determined to start a garden this year? Seed and plants can be acquired online, for little more than a stamped envelope.
Gardening is best exercise for the people, gardening relaxes the mind with green plants with fresh oxygen air, it also give us fresh vegetables.
I have tried here to demonstrate some species of interior plants that promotes interior decoration and a lot of positive effects for pleasant home environment.
Plants and Tress playing an important role in our environment. Without them, it is very hard to imagine our life.
A short poem about my garden, the jobs I do and what I look forward to when the summer finally arrives.
" I want to tell you what the common place has to offer, something they have not told about, something neglected... something I gathered from my ramblings. "
My experience with Lily of the Valley has grown from when I first started planting them. Researching is the key to planting anything.
A look at how even someone on a very low budget can fill their garden with large and healthy plants.
A long-spouted water can, good pruning shears, sharp knives, a small trowel, clean cloths, soft sponges, a soft ostrich feather duster or soft hair or paint brushes, are all tools needed by the indoor gardener.
Plants need to adjust to new surroundings, and they may even go through a mild case of shock when first brought home.
To elevate your indoor plants you need a collection of plant stands or pedestals.
Designing with houseplants will remind you of the wilderness and of the beauty and diversity of this incredible planet.
The pure joy of being outside in the garden, the warmth of the sun at your back, the breeze in your hair, as you become one with Nature, your hands deep in the soil.. Gardening, my friends, can even be better than sex....
In view of today's food prices and the toxins in food, many are seriously thinking of growing their own. Perhaps the information here will get you started.
Summertime brings such vibrant life into a garden...And certain plants can capture your eye and poetic soul so easily, especially when given as a gift from the heart....
This brief article explores the best times to plant, transplant, irrigate, weed and harvest the plants in your garden.
Bamboo is a common name for more than 40 genera and about 480 species of perennial, woody, usually shrubby or treelike plants of the grass family. They belong to the scientific family of Poaceae, (formerly Gramineae).
Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of growing, sculpting miniature trees in ceramic pots, but how did it first begin.
Butterflies play an important part on our eco-system by pollinating a great deal of our harvests as well as gauging our environment’s health. Here's how we can help maintain the butterfly’s population and better our environment by creating an eye catching butterfly garden.
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