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All of those who live In continuously cold climates , or if they experience cold during winter, think nothing of bringing out the fleece and not realize how fleece ruins the environment.
I thought it was just an artificial product: a plastic film, as it were ....
Using less plastic must have rubbed on us, almost a decade back. Now as the menace is looming over our head, here is a peep at what an individual can do to the society.
An article which explains plastic surgery used for cosmetic and aesthetic purpose.
Old, domestic products aren´t old-fashioned ones, but they´re as good as any others. they can save us a bit of money and they´re environmentally friendly.
Recycling is something that every community should do no matter how large or small. What we do today will determine the lives we are able to live tomorrow.
These small, yellow, rubber toy which usually seen enduring a quick journey around the bathtub have unexpectedly revolutionized mankind of the ocean's knowledge.
Recalling the lettuce that a friend used to make a salad.
Sandra Krautwaschl living in a village near Graz, Austria, his family is living without plastic that means, no coputer, no cell phone, no car etc etc.
Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dange...
Bacteria commonly contaminates common-use items and surfaces, and very few of us realize it. Before you know it, the tell-tale sign of bacterial contamination is screaming at us to sanitize the area, yet few of us heed notice at these obvious signs. Read this before you get sick.
A pleasant morning walk to work turned into a chilling encounter with a steel-bar armed maniac.
Technological innovations could be beneficial to us. It makes our life easier and comfortable. With the modern things around us, we experience modern living, a way of life which was never experience by the older generations.
Credit cards and Debit cards are just one of the few methods in purchasing an item online or verifying PayPal or Alertpay Account. But which one should we use?
We are all use to hearing the admonition that money does not grow on trees. We have all used that expression with our children at times, when they asked for something that we felt that they did not needs. The shocker is that money does grow on trees in the Plastic Jungle.
This is an article showing how much Americans waste over time, and that we are very wasteful in general. It also shows how to correct some of our biggest waste issues.
This poem is actually more straight forward then any of my other poems. More off of imagery and slang for what could be something that is fake. This is something that I saw in the subway of the city recently. Comments are open.
by re-cycling tetra packs we are saving the environment and by recycling the material used for making board, the board is not damaged to the soaking in water and pest resistant
I enjoy being thrifty and have posted some ideas for old plastic milk bottles, butter dishes, and old washing-up brushes
Plastic shopping bags have other incredible uses besides carrying your purchases.
The Philippines has started to discontinue the use of Plastic bags in Muntinlupa. I've been there a couple of times and you should see the amount of trash just strewn everywhere. It is downright apalling.
The serene beauty of our ocean has become a plastic soup over years of abuse. What to do and how to stop it from getting worse.
The use of buckets is receding today, yet it is such a lovely commodity.This is only a fun poem, a challenge to kick the bucket. Also some uses of the bucket is mentioned here.
If you have never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch you are not alone. Many people have argued its existence since there are no satellite pictures. In fact, although it was predicted to exist in 1988, it wasn't until Charles Moore actually sailed into it in 1997, that people ...
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