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Movie director Mike Todd (one of actress Elizabeth Taylor's husbands) said something to the effect of being broke is simply a stepping stone to the real riches, not a permanent residence. Well, I agree. With the right efforts, this is the real and honest truth about it all as you shal...
Chess is a popular game of skill and intellect. In Punjab the Punjabi's have modified the game to incorporate their love for good whiskey and rum.
In the early hours of this morning I came across a truely magnificent inspirational TV movie of 2005 vintage the value and impact of which was almost as phenomenal as being being struck by lightning....a very rare occurrence, finding such a powerful life lesson on a low-budget TV movi...
Who is People very happy Playing online games, once games very popular for many level available the class would you can playing games, just waste time away prior to the early hours in the morning
Some may think that chess is an outdated and old-fashioned game that is not worth playing any longer at this age of high-tech gadgets and toys. There is a good reason why this game has lasted throughout the centuries. It's up to you to discover and enjoy its rewards.
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