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An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.
Movie director Mike Todd (one of actress Elizabeth Taylor's husbands) said something to the effect of being broke is simply a stepping stone to the real riches, not a permanent residence. Well, I agree. With the right efforts, this is the real and honest truth about it all as you shal...
In my early teens, until I joined the United States Marine Corps, I worked on a cattle ranch in southern Utah. In the nearest town there was one bar, they called it the Tip-Top-Club and at the end of each season all the cowboys gathered there to drink and play cards, just like in the ...
Have you ever noticed how children seem to grasp technology without much trouble? Just what makes it so easy for them?
Experiencing beautiful moments one moonlit night.
Who is People very happy Playing online games, once games very popular for many level available the class would you can playing games, just waste time away prior to the early hours in the morning
Today is my reminiscing day. I make no apologies if you have seen some of this stuff before. These are my days of days when the sun sun always shone, the good guys always wore white hats and the Flintstones, Top Cat and playing cowboys was all that really mattered.
The Invisible Man takes his mind back to days when he was happy and had friends back to his childhood.
An easy to read "good luck" method in trying to win the Lotto 649 by trying a simple-to- use mathematical method.
Popping bubbles in the Tarmac is great fun ,who needs toys.
Want to get paid to play games? Read Here!( This is not a scam as I've cashed out before! )
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