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In this rant, Brian goes off about the plethora of remastered games being released for the current gen systems. None of the consoles are innocent - as all have committed the crime. He discusses examples from Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, Sony's Playstation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One....
XBox vs Playstation, this article shows about this war being pointless, and why we should stop arguing about it.
Brian reminisces about the top ten news stories regarding video games in 2014. Such topics include the DDoS attacks, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, remastered games, Xbox price drops, Watchdogs, Twitch, and more!
Even with the arrival of the PS4, popular games like Far Cry 4, LittleBigPlanet 3 and FIFA 15 will also have versions released for the old console which is currently being sold much cheaper. Check out a list of 10 games that still will come to PlayStation 3.
Smaller than a Playstation 4, but faster and more economical: Alienware offers once as Steam Machine announced Alpha-PC thanks to clever ideas many Console feelings from 500 € - albeit with some avoidable annoyances with the hardware.
Game or better known as video games are the words that are still largely “taboo” in Indonesian society. Because it is by playing the game itself could be have the negative consequences for children. But we cannot assume that all games could be having a bad impact, because the game...
Who does not know the game of Tetris? Almost everyone in the world have already knowing about this game because it is very well known game, this is a brain-based game and it is very exciting ancient game.
E3 the ps for kids and game addicts game of throne, hint about these two new product
From scary to creepy to fun: Did the F.E.A.R. franchise lose it's namesake element over the years?
This is Poem I write for my other half about his habits that make me laugh
This is a review of the glitzy site of Liberty City. Packed full of clubs, guns and organized crime, the underworld of the Ballad of Gay Tony makes you work hard, and party harder.
My review of the ea sports title fifa 2012, i will look into gameplay, graphics and online game modes!
In Play Station store you can download and buy full games, add- on, demos, themes, games, movie trailer.
PlayStation 3 1 to 4-Player Action (4-Player Online) Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Insomniac Games Release: Fall 2011
I give my thoughts on the Battlefield 3 Beta. Read on to discover more.
The Sony Centre is a store displaying the latest technology from the Sony company. Laptops, all in one Desktops and new 3D technology are just a few of the astonishing developments they have made in the world of electronic science.
We take a deeper look into one of the best loved side-scrolling games to ever grace our gaming consoles and disect the game along with its two most memorable and original characters.
Just a quick poem about those times of laziness and lack of motivation. Those days we just think "What's the point."
The PCSX2™ Project is an emulation software which runs PlayStation® game/game discs on a personal computer with the use of Windows Compatible analog USB gamepads to make it playable and interactive.
Dissidia: Final Fantasy, a popular fighting game for the PSP, recently had its sequel announced. Things are looking exciting!
It's always handy to have a bit of sasquatch muscle around. Just in case.
Are you having trouble connecting to the network? Read this guide on how to fix your problem.
Who knew being an assassin would be so boring and repetitive?
How to connect your mobile and other gadgets with your playstation 3 and share the content via private wi-fi network.
A character review of Kratos from God of War series. This whole article can be summarised as ''Kratos is a cruel horny bastard.''
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