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Human beings are born far earlier than when they are ripe to be delivered. If they are retained inside mother body till sufficient growth, the child cannot come out due to large head size. So it has been arranged that they come out early when the head is comparatively small, and remai...
Don't just assume, like I did, that if you write non-popular stuff like poetry and plays that it won't sell on (Kindle). I published some of my plays on and was shocked when there was an interest in them and they began to sell.
"The Great Wave" by the Japanese painter, Hokusai, is not only a great work of art but an inspiration to the older artist.
A reality show about playwrights having to do all sorts of humiliating stunts for a chance to have their plays performed on Broadway? Why not---everything else under the Reality Sun has been done.
I was told that I was related to King Oscar The Second, ho hum, but when I was told that he knew my idol Henrick Ibsen---that was a whole other kettle of Lutefisk!
Charging playwrights an entry fee: Possibly the killing blow to writing for the theatre.
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