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Wonder Boys, a 2000 film is a delightful comedy about a writer and will be interesting to all writers and wannabe writers.
It is the seeming emptiness, the blank spot, the deep void of nothing writers sometimes find themselves in from time to time. This is where the tough get going.
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
I was a mere Virgin...a short story virgin writer that is...and now that I have laid my first attempt at story writing to rest, I reflect back on the experience, and what it has taught me....
The writing was fine, aside from some stupid typos of the sort common in unedited POD titles. He’s obviously a sincere, hard-working, talented author. The plot was wholly consistent and everything “worked.” So why is it a weak book? Because the plot I described is all there is. ...
This is definitely not my usual style, and when I wrote it I more was going to prove I could... but it turned out well, if very dark. The mushy mushy love stuff was interesting to write, and I hope you the reader feel I have pulled it off successfully. It's also a lot shorter than my ...
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