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5580 READ BY 5 AT A TIME A POEM OF YEAR 2007..Give me strength give me that strength Oh! Lord to live up to the hopes desires and wishes of all those who send lovely read onn what all...
This is a poem written on a girl I know for quite a time. She is a mystery to almost everyone. And here I would like to thanks to someone who helped me out in completing this poem on her.
She was the one who loved black, the night, the Satan, But I dint knew for years. And I still don't know.
A melancholic poem describing the feelings of a man who just lost his mother, who is going to be cremated in a short while.
A poem for people who think they know their significant others when in reality you were blinded to what they were. The answer was right there, this poem shows us we need to open our eyes. When around people we can see that they are an Open book
Life is what you make it. Just because you failed once, it doesn't mean you will fail on everything. Life is a matter of trying and be a better person you can be.
The pains of slavery still haunt many Afro Americans. They were plucked and hauled to an unknown land, in an unknown culture, away from the nature and the forests, they were so used to. Families got separated, parents lost their children. Times have passed, but many still face discrim...
One of my overseas friend posted an appaling photo of a skin and bone African child today. I could not resist penning my heart's feelings:
its a poem for the end of the year, to say goodbye, to see new things to begin fill the final pages with joy this year.
A small story of boy is hidden in this poem who loves a girl truly and whole hardheartedly and of the incident which takes place on one winter evening.
Just about being noticed and someone to be able to shine through the dark and to be seen for the star you are
This poem is about about the rage which we have on us to create a better you.
This is the the poem about my heart and about what I feel.
This poem was written by the heart, and for the heart. If you stay in touch with your heart, then hope persists. If you lose touch with your heart, although it might still beat, you're far from being alive! Deep down within, lie the answers to all things. Deep within resides the m...
First love You can feel your heart Can you make others feel the same with your words? I tried If you feel Make other too to do the same
Love is wicked, it gives you pleasure, but sooner or later it would take it away, the hurt would still come, the degree of hurt could be reparable or is postponed tragedy!
What of a poem..It is a simple concise and precise emotional expression That's all
A poem of a young girl confused and alone. But, do we choose loneliness or has it chosen us. If we do choose it.. is it because we wanted to or out of ignorance.
A poem from when I was 18 years old and struggling to understand life and the complicated situations of high school. Oh, the wisdoms i would love to bestow upon my 18 year old self after all these years,,
Short poem based on a life event slightly interpreted into a naturalistic poem. Take from it what you may.. It is from the heart and truly means something to me. Hope it pleases your mind!
Again just simple poem, but carrying a deeper meaning.
This is simple poem yet carrying deeper meanings.
We often shut down or give up on the most beautiful experience in life once our hearts have been broken. This poem takes a reflective journey through the process of the heart learning to trust again.
A few of my shorter poems plus the first Haiku I've ever written. The actual Haiku contains wordplay with the title of it for those who are confused about why it ends how it does.
The title says it all. A poem about yearning, guilt, regret and hope.
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