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The pain of divorce is horrific but time and faith heals our hearts.
Ups and downs in life are compared to the weather and an old town clock in this poem. While we can't change certain things, there is hope in acceptance and I believe the ability to adapt leads to well being in our lives.
This poem is to encourage a person who is depressed with negative vibrations and who has given up in life because of sudden worst situation happened to him
The poem is a dedication for every teacher who is working day and night to shape the future of his/her students. It is a token of love and respect for every one engaged in this noble profession
The poem is the ultimate silhoute of man who supposed himself powerful with full of vain and arrogancy but he should leave these all issues and set as warm breeze.
I wrote this poem about certain things we can think or imagine in our minds to cheer us up and brighten our moods when we are feeling a little blue.
A poem I'd written for others out there like me that's been depressed to the point of feeling as though life should end and what words and thoughts of encouragement can help us to know why it's not the answer and that life does get better. Also to let others know that there are a lot ...
Two simple and short poems .Thank you for reading .jk
Hope is the most important thing when we run across the setbacks.
This is a collection of two poems .Be happy ,pleasant and optimistic ;that is the message ,i try to convey .thank you for reading .jk
Do you play with bubbles all the time or make the clouds your cotton candies cooked by the sun under the rainbow festival?
For me it's a glance and the smile on your face the touch of your hands, And an honest embrace For where I lay it's you I keep, This changing world I fall asleep With you all I know is I'm coming home, Coming home -Home by Vanessa Carlton
This is a poem I wrote as a grand tribute to a budding grandpoet Ivyevelyn wishing her everlasting good health.
So I`ll stop searching for the answers, I`ll stop praying for an escape, And i`ll trust you, God, with where i am, And believe that you`ll have your way. Just have your way. Just have your way. -- Have your Way Britt Nicole
I feel so incomplete whenever I cut myself off the what I call the 'Rhyme Rhythm.' But, yeah right, priorities first! :D
I do believe that everybody is leader for him/herself. We become leader when we strugling for the better value of our life.
Did I do it because I don't know who I am? Did I get here because I'm just trying too hard? Forgive me. I didn't know myself. Forgive me. I was just trying too hard.
Wrote this poem about true beauty. I was teased by my complexion and all. But I just ignore them. I think we're all beautiful. :D
To all those heartbroken, who steal time and space for them to be healed-- A simple poem about moving on-
This is for my cousin who has gone to Italy. By the way, 'Ate' means sister in English.
For my fabulous Auntie Gonnie and elegant Auntie Eding, who helped me and my twin sister in everything we do.
This just in. Just awhile ago I browsed the facebook profiles of my former classmates in high school. And this was just I have realized. :) Still, I'm happy where I am now. Still, I'm going to be simple, just simple, no matter what. I'm not going to be insecure with other people.
Find out what makes pinkscarf_insomniac write. Cheers to all Wikinutters! :P
What I feel whenever I am stressed or hyperventilating. :)
I never thought of writing poems but then life persuades you to do what you never thought of doing....
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