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These poems are about three different aspects of nature. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!
Our youth plays a huge role in molding the people we become later in life. I have written about my youth in an attempt to understand why I have some of the eccentricities I now have in adulthood. The following two poems are about my young years:
The birdsong of springtime is such a joy to hear. The Mockingbird is one of my favorites.
My poem about my little hound dog Doc. He is a loving and faithful compaction and friend.
This is a poem about running free in life and love. Just like a wild stallion.
This is a page of original poems that I have taken a lot of time to write
Here it is then, finally, the long awaited first volume of my complete published poems, all in sequence.
Two poems about Spring and the abundance of our Mother Earth.
This poem was written while sailing on a 70' 1889 Herdshire Schooner Sailboat, to express the feelings of being on the sea. There is nothing like sailing out in the deep blue sea.
What I witnessed through the trees one night. My depressed state and the lack of sleep caused the shadows to 'dance' before me. I could see them crawling down the huge pine trees then to touch the other trees.. and me.
A terrific poem must read for poem lovers , follow me for top class poems
A terrific poem must read for poem lovers, follow me for top class poems
The Blizzard of 2013 is one we will long remember in Maine. During the storm I took pictures and wrote a poem so that I might share the making of Maine's history with all my Wikinut friends.
I will be writing poems on the outside life we should be grateful for what we have.
Sea and land, time and tide, like the cycle of life itself, ever changing....
i Recently Completed 100 pages. But as New pages come up. Old ones keep getting lost in oblivion. To bring them back from dead, here is list of all my Poetry on Wikinut
Life has many tricks up her sleeve. just when you thought everything's gonna be fine, life does a 180 flip. A Poem about life in the bitter sweet world.
A foggy May morning comes in pastel softness to the seashore.
These are two short poems telling about life and our remembered youth
Tender as an ocean sunset memories are as precious as the gentle rains of spring.
I wished for a silver sword I worked towards it without a word There were thorns in my path I was ambushed many times But, to abandon the path never crossed my mind
All my feelings poured on a page! :-) The poems define me and they are simply me! :-)
Sleep and death could be closely linked...And the world of dreams that surround us, when the body rests and the soul is set free to wander, flies to places beyond our limited earthly knowledge...Just another link in the chain of existence....
On November 10, 2010, the first challenge started. There were about 77 official entries of poems submitted written by poets from around the world in English and Filipino Tag-alog languages. The theme for the first challenge was all about human happiness, joy and sufferings: love, beau...
the planet getting rage, and we must stand up, wake up and clear the garbage
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