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A collection of sad poems for those who have suffered the loss of a special love
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this is a poem I wrote many years ago... I was a DJ in a popular night club and one night this theme came to me... after 51 verses I had to narrow it down.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it...
Playing with words in a poem. I have been told my writing is too dark so i have tried something new. "Bring the nouns slowly"... shows how words are 'tools' to describe emotion, to make the reader visualize through how the author pieces them together.. each line is created to paint t...
Swimming deep into a pool of lovely words. Smelling, tasting, looking, hearing and feeling the words of unusual voices. That's poetry.
Recalling a poetic master's love for me ..He picked me up from the Internet ..Incredible ...
a poem of time and life lessons we learn in life... to see the pitfalls before you step into them...
she asked me what i meant by a comment on a post. The journey began, nights of traveling through the words we shared.. a magical event that lead to a much deeper relationship. Shadowed soul mates... we learned from each other, then by helping her i had to let go and she went away... ...
the masks we wear in our lifetimes can distort memories of our past... especially in a relationship... business, friend, soulmate or lovers masks can either be the most revered or the most destructive...
the hurt of being lied to.. not once but from the beginning of time...
Wishing Well... to remember the confusion of a friendship lost with no reasons, no excuses, no words and to know I will never be told why takes me to the wishing well. As I look down I see my reflection at the bottom reminding me of time gone by.. The relationships I never knew, the o...
A terrific poem must read for poem lovers , follow me for top class poems
A terrific poem must read for poem lovers, follow me for top class poems
This is a poem written when I was a new father and covering the wonder and magic after caring for a newborn infant.
This one is based on my own experience and feelings
You love someone so much it hurts. You try everything in your power to forget them but it isn't that easy. Everything still reminds you of them.
Sister - the most competitive and most cherished member of the family . The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend. A Poem dedicated to my loving Sister
When you are in love, everything becomes secondary. Everything seems magical and you want to relieve your experience over and over again. Relive your Love with this Wonderful poem of Love.
These are two short poems telling about life and our remembered youth
My Poems, My Being is a space where I write what I feel and believe in. That is what makes me a part of this beautiful universe.
A Poem about a Love and a lover who dies and becomes guardian Angel. A sad poem depicting true love through two phases- yesterday and today
These are just a few poems I wrote for my girlfriend
I wished for a silver sword I worked towards it without a word There were thorns in my path I was ambushed many times But, to abandon the path never crossed my mind
Another Sad and Dark poem. A lover is dying for his love
Sexy Love Beckons is a love poem about the enticement of desire and longing to be together. Love poem.
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