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Welcome to the world of O. D. D. Cummings. I love writing short stories and poetry in my spare time. I recently wrote a theme poem for my homepage and wished to share it here.
My poetry falls into many categories, but my style is based on rhythm and the sounds of the words themselves.
i was expressing my thoughts aloud when i made this one .. aloud but no one can hear but myself
this is a poem I wrote many years ago... I was a DJ in a popular night club and one night this theme came to me... after 51 verses I had to narrow it down.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it...
Playing with words in a poem. I have been told my writing is too dark so i have tried something new. "Bring the nouns slowly"... shows how words are 'tools' to describe emotion, to make the reader visualize through how the author pieces them together.. each line is created to paint t...
a poem of lose... to war, to another or to the sea... the imagination of when they are gone to the sadness of knowing....
the masks we wear in our lifetimes can distort memories of our past... especially in a relationship... business, friend, soulmate or lovers masks can either be the most revered or the most destructive...
What I witnessed through the trees one night. My depressed state and the lack of sleep caused the shadows to 'dance' before me. I could see them crawling down the huge pine trees then to touch the other trees.. and me.
beware the 'wish'... you might get what you wished for....
A terrific poem must read for poem lovers , follow me for top class poems
This page is about poems that I got from observing the people around me and about the beauty of life.
When you are in love, everything becomes secondary. Everything seems magical and you want to relieve your experience over and over again. Relive your Love with this Wonderful poem of Love.
These are two short poems telling about life and our remembered youth
I wished for a silver sword I worked towards it without a word There were thorns in my path I was ambushed many times But, to abandon the path never crossed my mind
This article is about writing simple poems. Short and sweet poems always attract the readers.
A simple poem about beauties of life. Life is a melody, sing it
this is the place/page for poems that I created. Some are translated to english, some are written directly in english.
A poem about pushing through the hard times and accomplishing my goals no matter what obstetrical get in my way, i am who i am and no one can change me.
This is a poem that I wrote after years of a bad love.
The way to the human heart is different for men and women.That by now we all know ,hopefully.
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