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Being an adult means accepting who you really are, the good and the not so good. Admitting imperfection is good for the soul.
One of the most talented poets of the Eastern world is Kahlil Gibran. His poetry speaks to my soul.
Everyone really wants the same things. This poem expresses those universal wants.
This is a poem written about a new found Love when I wasn't looking for love
It hurts me to know that the only thing I should do is to let you go.. It hurts me enough to know that I cannot even hug you when you come to me.. It hurts me that I should let go..
A poem I wrote about love at the beginning of a relationship and how it heads towards the end. I based this poem on a bunch of flowers I received from a now ex partner and as the flowers slowly died, so did our love.
A poem I wrote about hurting the one you love. You get someone who'll stand by you no matter what but you end up taking all your anger and resentment out on them.
A poem about being in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful and lies to you. They are always putting you down and controlling you, and keeping you isolated from family and friends.
A poem about someone I was to afraid to give my heart to, but after finally realising he was the one for me, I gave him the key to my soul.
A poem I wrote to someone telling them I love them and that all I wanted to hear is that they love me to. Even though I know they never will, I will never give up hope that I'll hear them say it back. I Love You Too...
A poem about someone who abused my trust when I was a young child yet I can't seem to let them go.
A poem I wrote when someone I loved was unfaithful to me. It truly felt like a bullet had been shot through my heart. I gave them another chance and they ripped my heart to pieces a second time. I made sure there wasn't a third!
A poem I wrote about the pain of loving someone every second of everyday and knowing that their heart belongs to someone else and that they will probably never love you back.
A poem about breaking up with someone who lied and cheated but you still love and miss them no matter what heartbreak they put you through.
This is a poem I wrote after I had my heart broken by someone I loved and trusted more than anything.
Doesn't everyone want to be alone with their thoughts sometimes? I know I do.
Sweet dreams are wonderful - they make you feel so good. Don't you agree?
I was regretting the past and fearing the future.
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