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Poems that I wrote during my most recent manic episode. Hopefully I am able to share my voice and the light that can be at the end with others.
JUST came by searching for poetry in the sky I don't come to know who wrote and why so some day catch me flying in the azure sky..Courtesy Tranquilpen
Charles Bowasaki My apologies.We all now know he was a great Chilean poet of all times...
Two personal poems. The first is an ode to fishing. The second is an ode to poetry. Both quick writes. Thanks hope you enjoy.
This is a poem I wrote about my experiences with paranoia. I was able to find relation through fishing and repair within that relation. I have also worked through this problem and the anxiety it carries by bringing it to the surface. This poem should be read like you would normally r...
Second two veins (as moderator is busy) Very few poets are about and those who read poetry are not about, to comment heavens know why
The morning’s misty it hangs on trees and there’s a bit of a chill in the air, Sun needs to break as it’s a little bit cold drinking coffee in my outside chair,
Writing in the midnight hours before inspitation departs from the mind and soul.
All you need to know on time, it's efficiency and how all thing revolves around its beauty
All life is a SINE CURVE. Every one's life has ups and downs ...some love you others only CLOWN .. so maintain your sine curve the year around
Poetry For The Soul. From the heart it flowed and persists to be eternal.
Im a 19 year old girl, and i just want to write poems
O! poet you are you the Mississippi Nile Amazon Ganges Thames may be or Thesaurus what really are you except a bitch!
My sine curve will survive for days.... but my newer poets want to read and comment... so another poem
What we are---- who are we?... no one can say ---except we ourselves our nudity display .Some do it here openly
Enjoy every moment of your life and don't loose yourself in insignificant things.
Sometimes you give everything but you don't know what will you get in return
Poetry can help.. Stay and read and watch these words change your insight on life.
Some distinct and selected poems over the years reinvented to make a significant meaning from its original purpose to find new analogy on our current lives and events for the opening salvo of 2016
How could you describe a feeling of despair and loneliness? This another poem from my teenage years and how this poem became outlet of my depression.
Poetry is a Lost Ground..I have been on various sites these 9 years This is purely my experience.I find very few really read poetry if its beyond 12 to 20 lines... Much less appreciate it if they have time. to read more of prose...
I wrote this poem way back year 2002. It embodied mixed feelings of fright and worries. At the end, courage to try out weighted it all.
It's hard to be departed from your love ones. And missing that person makes you want to think if they are feeling same way.
was there two weeks ago and share the grief with the French and show my solidarity with my lines!
Dated, but ever actual ratiocinations on the seeming randomness of the universe and fate. Explored old style.
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