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Author of the day Ma’am Carol Thank you ma'am you are a light a perpetual ray of encouragement remember me as I fade away into oblivion of time ...nothing seious just read onnnn
JUST came by searching for poetry in the sky I don't come to know who wrote and why so some day catch me flying in the azure sky..Courtesy Tranquilpen
My Sinography...touching the rock bottom of the sea ...let me now see the bottom upwards kicks me, sine curve does die ..but the control within me does lie, (as in lay)
Tomorrows poetry today...Your lovely thought he flame for fame has been now flamed as I move along the RIVER OF LIFE...
Ooooo Wiki's’ Nut... Well sad this happens to be your last post here on Wiki please rethink all of you
All who are human to them this line of action is common.. But I have observed the best poets are Aussies but most Nobels go elsewhere
Second two veins (as moderator is busy) Very few poets are about and those who read poetry are not about, to comment heavens know why
Writing in the midnight hours before inspitation departs from the mind and soul.
O! poet you are you the Mississippi Nile Amazon Ganges Thames may be or Thesaurus what really are you except a bitch!
I feel poetry must have more humour as it may cause in many stomachs lesser tumour
Poetry is a Lost Ground..I have been on various sites these 9 years This is purely my experience.I find very few really read poetry if its beyond 12 to 20 lines... Much less appreciate it if they have time. to read more of prose...
I wrote this poem way back year 2002. It embodied mixed feelings of fright and worries. At the end, courage to try out weighted it all.
When you look up the sky it's lucky to have glimpse moon shinning it's glory. Moon has many faces and changes every now and then.
A collection of poems illustrating what the writer feels about his home town in Africa.
Now convert this prose into poetry and see if you can so do Some one asked me how I compose so many poems This is the way
A simple power of love between me and the love of my life, I must admit that you must love as much as you can about the risk of life.
This poem is a scent of the night because every time my boyfriend go away from me, all of us are looking at the moon and then she calls us like it, sign love between us.
A one sided love of the protagonist is described in a romantic manner!
to me this speaking about teaching but to teach one has to go within one self. don't wait for others to do right cause doing right start with you first. if you look in the mirror there's a image that image will be you.
This poem is for anyone who loves walking and always find relief and feel stronger after a walk this is for you if you are on a journey to understand, not that I do but this is a poem of feeling the ground and Gods Love thank you Peace and Love
Sometimes I read a something someplace, I really don't remember where, but it strikes so that I feel I must answer it...This is one of those answers.
This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
This is one of the poems from my poetry book Vol II - Wings of Emotions.
Most of us have false views of our ability ...many think they are what they think they are but are in reality are not at all. Many chase false shadows... only to repent that they were in search of wrong genes chasing unknown shadows I am just a no one smple out in the open counting...
This is an poem that explains me and its still a work in progress hope my writing breaths
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