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The forsaken butterfly now have done a crime and so has found a place to hide the casket carrying a life away.
Haynaku, Eastern and Western, Sunku And ‘Pari Style’ All new kinds of CREATIVITY in moderne Poetry read on please
Have you ever been in love? How did you know you were in love? How could you tell? Did you just know and the knowing defied explanation? The heart wants what it wants and most of the time no one can tell you otherwise.
A dance of a mad girl with the love of her life as she thought.
My Sinography...touching the rock bottom of the sea ...let me now see the bottom upwards kicks me, sine curve does die ..but the control within me does lie, (as in lay)
Ooooo Wiki's’ Nut... Well sad this happens to be your last post here on Wiki please rethink all of you
Charles Bowasaki My apologies.We all now know he was a great Chilean poet of all times...
Second two veins (as moderator is busy) Very few poets are about and those who read poetry are not about, to comment heavens know why
Poem about the music that I can play but my wife cannot due to illness
Writing in the midnight hours before inspitation departs from the mind and soul.
All life is a SINE CURVE. Every one's life has ups and downs ...some love you others only CLOWN .. so maintain your sine curve the year around
A Wonderful Little Beat is one of the very first short poems I wrote, it has been modified from the original.
Love Turned to Hate is a poem that I wrote that is based on my own personal life.
A Storm Within is a poem that I have wrote about passion and the hunger that it becomes deep within your soul.
A short poem about romantic thoughts that I have written.
Here only I help all of them to tease me it's not my folly but my way with the world to bring life in those, gals and guys
O! poet you are you the Mississippi Nile Amazon Ganges Thames may be or Thesaurus what really are you except a bitch!
Two brains god's mistake..All males have two heads one is grey the other empty They use none at times mostly lower one
A poem about an on again off again relationship that did not seem to want to die. It just kept going and going and going.
A poem about being young and in love and no one, especially any adult, being able to tell you that what you feel isn't real.
A poem that came to me after watching one of the many versions of a movie based on the novel Jane Eyre. Still trying to decide which movie version is my favorite.
My sine curve will survive for days.... but my newer poets want to read and comment... so another poem
A poem about love but laced with pain and sorrow. The love within conformed with tenderness and passion, but when it's lost....
A poem about the act of kissing. Pressing lips together. It had been so long I had almost forgotten what it felt like.
This poem came about from a conversation with my girlfriend when she told me she wanted to be the love of someone's life. Her comment stuck in my head. It is still there now.
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