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A poem about waking up early because you couldn't sleep. Most people I know never have that problem.
Just a view when it comes to cheating in a relationship.
A poem about the night my ex wife told me she was leaving me. Ah, good times. Good times.
The ancient Sophist saints in Greece were exceptionally clever with the use of their tongues. Don't play with them- they can bind us cunningly with their tongues. And don't corner them- we will never forget what hit us. Here in this poem, one sophist saint is tried in Court for crime ...
This is a poem that describes a very dark and terrible time in my life. I was going through a terrible separation at the time and it very nearly killed me.
God was the most beautiful creation of mankind, created in his exact image- man’s own image- playful, lovely and comely, so that he can easily identify himself with God. So why not love him ardently and affectionately, and respect him beyond everything? After creating mankind, God d...
William Wordsworth's poetry has no style because nature and life has no style. The perfect plainness of his poems gained him popularity. He mostly wrote about nature and man and is considered the world's greatest nature poet. The world was very late in recognizing his merit. However, ...
A poem about a typical night spent with my girlfriend and her little white dog, Ellie.
A funny little poem that came to mind while I was watching either the food network or the travel channel.
Second two veins (as moderator is busy) Very few poets are about and those who read poetry are not about, to comment heavens know why
A poem about how we sometimes hide parts of ourselves from everyone we know.
A poem about life catching up to you and coming to some sobering realizations.
"Some Stuff I Don't Know" is an abstract spiritual warfare poem. One that will speak for itself.
A poem about a love affair that started quickly and ended just as quick.
Just a random poem on loneliness, loss, and love. Enjoy!
A fictional poem about something that almost happened to me. So it's kind of almost true but not really. Yeah.
A poem about trying to figure out the end of a relationship and what went wrong.
The hills, some are mistaken they are others call them as they look, but no one searches to see whats truly below. Death calls for some but not all others get lucky in the sea of misery
A poem about a girl I truly believed I was in love with. But now, looking back, maybe it was just infatuation.
A poem about a crazy young lady who lives by her own set of rules. I miss you.
And another poem that does not need a summary. I wrote several of these that are sexually charged.
I think it is pretty obvious what this poem is about so I'm not going to go into to much detail about the summary. Enjoy.
Whither I go, whatever sees me, I may run away and I may not.
A song I composed at one of my lower points. I hope you enjoy.
I've been writing poetry for thirty years. My poems tend to run to the darker emotions; however, I feel these are sometimes the emotions that are most relatable to others. I have been bipolar for fifteen years, and my poetry is an outlet in which I can cathartically express my depress...
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