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Poems read by so many on 28 Nov 2017...Hush hush ...We all know silently homos who are mostly
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
For all poets of the world..Post on your own page Don't forget ethics Post short comments may be and say READ THE REST ON MY WALL.Thanks all.
Maestrony Mariah....My masters taught me praise those who deserve it ...and forgive those who sleight !!!,,So be it Now 'tis another great poet
All poets out here are great artists ...creators and sharers. ----You too those who by my works are inspired.
This poem was composed when in 2010 the sites were just taking shape. Shakespeare old and two modern speaketh thus...
This small verse is intended to help poets, writers to be creative and help others to become as virginous, as is possible
The Rose that grew and I the only Rose, which has matured , create a passion through our words.
These two poems are complimentary One for her one for me rest can their own conclusions draw it doesn't worry me
A short and sweet fun poem .Hope it meets the Wikis stipulation.
This poem is a natural outburst of a cloud which could burst
We two are unknown but good friends across seven seas since three years plus devoted to friendship and poetry Johnny you all know needs no introduction but Loverme is one small timepoet , a naturalised Virgin poet with no poetic education but all yours INSPIRATION SWEET well ...
A great unassuming poet awaits the end sojourn of life, neurological termination perhaps ,but still delves in poetry as no one knows when??
This poem speaks of the fact that poetry emanates as a natural sequel, from the mind of naturalsed poets like me.
From the depths of imagination on exactly the power a poet has, and just what he/she ... is capable of ...
Please let me know what you think, whatever it is.
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