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God was the most beautiful creation of mankind, created in his exact image- man’s own image- playful, lovely and comely, so that he can easily identify himself with God. So why not love him ardently and affectionately, and respect him beyond everything? After creating mankind, God d...
We love poetry, learn to read, learn to think and imagine, a poet who leads us on.
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
well here we go from 17th century when the amazing composer Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, murdered his wife Maria... to jumping beans in 1920's and a spot of beauty in between....enjoy...
In this page you'll get to know one of the best poets of all time: Fernando Pessoa
Established in 1973, Patrick's Roadhouse, named after Bill Fischler's youngest son Patrick, has been many things to many people over the years, but the bright green St. Patrick's Day themed exterior, the quirky antiqued-knickknack style interior, celebrity sightings, paranormal activi...
For all poets of the world..Post on your own page Don't forget ethics Post short comments may be and say READ THE REST ON MY WALL.Thanks all.
An introduction of new poems by new poets and poetess along with their popular poems with an appreciation review - Williamsji Maveli
We have lost a great lady, to whom no tribute will suffice to account for her greatness as an author, a poet, a civil rights leader, and a person.
Maestrony Mariah....My masters taught me praise those who deserve it ...and forgive those who sleight !!!,,So be it Now 'tis another great poet
This is a poem about the importance of writers and how they can effect change.
The ROSE ME....Each poet on all the sites i compose on thinks is better than the best All are lined up for the next Nobel and as I do also, knowing fully well poets rarely are given a Nobel .RECENTLY A CANADIAN EARNED ONE ON LITERATURE THIS MONTH
He's a poet..he's unique, one of a kind, bold, daring, dynamic, hilarious, different..and he's ours! Who is he?
This article is specially dedicated to all my followers in WN. Feel free to share it with others if you find it worth reading.
So much beauty has come down through history in the form of images and words..praised by people throughout the ages. beautiful acknowledgements of great works..enjoy
Always there have been writers of merit who have shared their talents with the world. This is an acknowledgement of them especially the poets including our own delicious Delicia Powers...enjoy this read....
All poets out here are great artists ...creators and sharers. ----You too those who by my works are inspired.
This poem was composed when in 2010 the sites were just taking shape. Shakespeare old and two modern speaketh thus...
While she was gone I missed her so, but now she has returned. Hallelujah!
You will find here a summary, of poets tribute on the Poet Tree. A short history of how and why it came to be. My best description of this tree that is growing. The poets specific inspirations are all a part of it's growth and creation. You see the roots are forming now, to grow a tr...
“Where to find God” has been the innate question of every human being from the beginning of his existence. Saints and sages roam about in search of God and His riddles in life. Is He up in so-called heaven? Or is He residing in the towering structures of magnificent temples and ch...
This small verse is intended to help poets, writers to be creative and help others to become as virginous, as is possible
The Rose that grew and I the only Rose, which has matured , create a passion through our words.
These two poems are complimentary One for her one for me rest can their own conclusions draw it doesn't worry me
A short and sweet fun poem .Hope it meets the Wikis stipulation.
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