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A letter from home bring some disturbing news and Adam decides to return home for the Christmas break. In the meantime George and Isabella Fox face yet another tragedy and once again Adam is there to help.
Driving-or-shopping-while-black doesn't happen to white folks, but we have eyes and mouths. In light of all the newsworthy events of late from Ferguson, MO, to Cleveland, OH, to Staten Island NY and beyond, it's too damn bad we don't speak up more often. WE'VE GOTTA START DOING THIS...
A bold challenge to those protesting the Mike Brown court decision. Will you accept this challenge?
He ran alongside the water cannon. Bottles, bicycles and stones flew in his direction. Sebastian Hillebrand was as Riot Police at the hooligan demonstration in Cologne in use.
Here is the story of three people whose name matches their profession.
If you have to travel a long distance alone in your car use common sense.
The greed and power are the two driving forces that making politicians so crazy to stick to power as it provides everything- including laws, justice, and money. Kind of Kingship and no one is there to challenge you! What a heaven!
They guard as day and night! Dedicated to "The police" The Guardians
In Colorado Springs the homeless men and women living on the streets are slowly learning that police officers are not their enemy. The Homeless Outreach Team was created within the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2008 as a response to growing problems presented by the homeless m...
With Florida as the 41st state in America to enact its Texting-While-Driving law, the basis of this statute remains dubious with regard to law enforcement officers' ability to properly detect, cite, and defend in Court any contentions stemming from the hypothetical-natured legislative...
Takes another look at the lighter side of life. Blends humour with a little wit to ease everyday tension. It is intended to appeal to the intellectual as well as to those who want to have a whole lot of fun.
A snapshot of a hospital outside the city of London in the 1930's. except for the overpowering smell of cleanliness not much has changed.
Part five of a fictional story. The main character is sent to 'life community service' following her death. Join her learn life lessons whilst completing her death sentence and join the detectives who try to unravel the mystery of her death. Jump down the rabbit hole with me....
There is a lot more than we know or understand "behind closed doors"! Domestic Voilence should not be tolerated, at any cost. But still some women give up to their self respect and dignity to amaze most of us, but there are always 3 sides of the story.......
This is chapter one of Echoes Of An Oversoul. This masterfully-crafted story takes full flight from the beginning and keeps you on the edge. Fasten your seat-belt, 'cause this ride will be bumpy.
After getting himself locked up, Michael found that getting himself unlocked from confinement was not so easy.
Hydra Lacy Jr. Killed Two St. Petersburg Police Officers In a Shootout
Story set in a Scottish village, in an old fashioned village shop.
Putting a stop to a noisy neighbor takes the right moves and some cooperation on your part. The time it may take to get to the stopping point may be well worth it.
What are my rights as a driver? How to properly stop at a red light. What constitutes running a red light? How do the Police determine if a driver has ran a red light? This article will provide you with valuable information and safety tips and answers to these questions.
Police Officer put their lives on the line everyday and deal with almost every type of situation that you can imagine. They are highly trained and their senses are keen to their surroundings. Most Police Officer’s are professional and will deal with situations honestly and fairly....
Officer, Scott Hallock is a 28-year Police veteran who works in Los Angeles. Officer Hallock’s article gives positive and constructive advice, encouragement and words of wisdom to men and woman wanting to become Police Officers.
Scott Hallock is a 28 year veteran in Law Enforcement and tells what the top six traffic violations that Police Officers look for.
Start a neighborhood watch groups and work in partnership with the Police. Community members share the responsibility for identifying reducing and eliminating crime problems.
Tips from Officer Scott Hallock on how to avoid getting a speeding ticket.
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