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Molly's family is stranded at home because of the summer storm. Molly escaped from the beach house and made her way to the boardwalk. She's sound asleep under a picnic table waiting for the storm to let up. Her plan is to walk to the police station for help.
Dad, Molly and Milly are going to the police station to make a statement. Molly is riding shotgun and Milly is in the backseat. Everyone is exhausted and wants to go home.
A group of ladies wearing Gulabi dress made as Gulabi gang, to protest the crimes on ladies. The gang comprises of 10,000 people wearing pink dress
Part five of a fictional story. The main character is sent to 'life community service' following her death. Join her learn life lessons whilst completing her death sentence and join the detectives who try to unravel the mystery of her death. Jump down the rabbit hole with me....
There is a lot more than we know or understand "behind closed doors"! Domestic Voilence should not be tolerated, at any cost. But still some women give up to their self respect and dignity to amaze most of us, but there are always 3 sides of the story.......
After getting himself locked up, Michael found that getting himself unlocked from confinement was not so easy.
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