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Pollination is hub around which growth of fruits and vegetables revolve. Bees, insects and butterflies help to pollinate your garden plants. Flowers are best agents for attracting the bees and birds. Here we see the varieties that are most useful for this purpose.
Pollination required for the fruit production, vegetable and seed yields. Some plants are self pollinated. Some other plants usually pollinated by air. To transfer the pollen, many plants only depend insects.
If you live in the US of A, your food is being poisoned. Check it out!
What is CCD and what effect is it having on bees worldwide?
When there are no more bees to pollinate our crops, then we will have no crops, We cannot live without bees.
Honey bees remarkably can enjoy a typical dance language of sufficient intricacy to be able to communicate remoteness and course details. TheĀ  capability of the honey bee to engage nest mates and direct them to a food source via the waggle dance was actually a crucial event in their...
When the bees are all gone who will pollinate the plants?
What does spring bring in? Why do many sneeze and itch during spring?
Widely known and revered in southeast Asia as the "King of fruits", the edible flesh emits a distinctive odour, strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard the durian as fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and offensive.
A basic look at pollination- a vital process for all flowering plants in nature
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