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Our society favours the rich and limits the poor. I know many of you will not agree with me, but this is how I see the world.. The rich have for more advantages than the poor and thus far more opportunities to get ahead.
There are many misconceptions about poor people today. I hope, to clean up some of the most popular misconceptions about poor people. Most people do not choose to be poor.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. We have a lot to learn from the Victorian era and how the woman’s role was contained to the house and household activities, yet the men still c...
Here is another story of growing up featured in my book, "Picking up the Pieces; A Woman's Journey."
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
This is to open our eyes to them who we ignore pleas read and share this. This is close to my heart. pleas follow link to see video
There isn't much to summarize. The poems talk for themselves
Do you find beggars intimidating and annoying or do you feel committed to give them your last coins? Read this before you give away your money!
Tea Party Republicans and the GOP regulars are demanding deep cuts in Medicare that would essentially end the program, yet they're not willing to lift a finger to close tax loopholes for millionaires. There will be what I believe A Great Out Cry!
this is the story poor people who don't get food,shelter and help from others,we call them beggars
The heartbreaking truth that we never knew or sometimes, we never care about them
A poem about rich men and poor men. Who enjoys life more from the two.
In the 1950's pawn-brokers were in every town. People used to pawn something on Monday and redeem it on Friday, pay day, with interest.
Everywhere we go we see scenery. This poem is intended to spark imagination and humor.
About a man who despises poverty but shows another side in his church.
“With Liberty and justice for all.” Those are mighty powerful words, filled with deep meaning, filled with great promise. They promise that all men, created equal in God's sight, would receive equal justice in man's sight. Was that ever true? It certainly does not appear to be tr...
When a stereotype asks a poor are you poor. The answer is worth listening.
We must try our maximum to help others and offer some food to the poor and needy people to solve their hungry. Donating food is the best one than any other donations
Jesus said the poor you would always have with you. He did not say ignore the poor and don't care about them.
A short story about a coy setting out for a documentary on street life and about his fascinating explorations of him as a person.S
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