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Mandy can't scope with life, but finds it a little easier when she is on drugs. Is there anyone who can help her?
The Christian missionaries are a much reviled lot, yet some of them have done good service for the poor in India.
Usually there's a reason people run out of money. Usually that reason becomes apparent when they are spending borrowed money they had to borrow because of that reason.
How to make money ?? Money changes everything. Money makes you a sufferrer to a successor and often an offender. You will find out that this article is exactly opposite to what the title says.
Do you think all children who don't bring their lunchboxes to school deserve a hot lunch? Would you be like this cafeteria worker and get fired for breaking school rules to make sure a first grader who was crying for lunch got one. Read here to see why this lady was unjustly fired.
5 reasons why some people can't overcome poverty and live an easy life for their own good.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. We have a lot to learn from the Victorian era and how the woman’s role was contained to the house and household activities, yet the men still c...
The most worrying factor is of poor people begging for their daily bread. It is not that all beggars are weak and are not able to work, as many of these beggars are just lazy to work. There are some beggars who are really weak or even physically disabled and are not in a position to ...
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
This page shares some realities about the importance of money and relates some reasons why money is not root of all the evils. It is man that makes money in an evil way.
Being human with reasoning ability, we take it for granted that we can expect better times afterlife, whatever it means and in whichever form. The Creator, however, keeps his cards close to his chest – keep dreaming and hoping is his refrain with hints that it depends on us entirely...
This is to open our eyes to them who we ignore pleas read and share this. This is close to my heart. pleas follow link to see video
Diary of a poor student, posted to social networks in Vietnam, as every person emotionally touched that a poor teacher for him.
This article relates about an experience in a fast food center having coffee paid and reserved for an unknown consumer.This customer has a kind heart,generous to the hungry and thirsty of coffee.Can you also do this?
Books are as necessary as bread, because they give us the knowledge to struggle against those who want us poor and ignorant.
Foundation For Excellency started by Prabhu Goyal an Indian NRI business man and it supports thousands of students to full fill their dream course of Engineering and Doctors. The foundation is concentrating on ladies and with to be they become economically sound.
TAPS and the Travel Channel looked into the vast amount of reports from visitors claiming to have witnessed apparitions, strange noises and whispers while visiting the asylum. They were not disappointed. The proof was everywhere. Today the asylum is one of the most visited haunted ven...
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
Aganwadi Schools have been designed and started to educate the poorest of the poor. I visited one such school for the first time. Read on to know my experiences.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
Ramesh was from a rich family. His father owned a big construction company. He came to school by car. He wore rich clothes. He brought delicious food. He had gold ornaments on his body. He used a very costly foreign watch. He stood different from the class, who were not so rich. In fa...
Is the inflation a big help for the economy or is it try to tax the poor indirectly. For my taste it is to help everybody, to have no food in their plates, nothing left for their kids, no transportation, no home.
There isn't much to summarize. The poems talk for themselves
Do you find beggars intimidating and annoying or do you feel committed to give them your last coins? Read this before you give away your money!
Giving someone a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but ignoring them the rest of the time, is borderline insulting.While I do believe people mean well, what about the other 363 days of the year? A handful of change is only a handful of change. Matching people who have a tal...
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