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This is not a story about a woman, her children, and her attitudes, it is a story in which shy is a symbol. I do not want to give away the meaning of the story, perhaps you can figure out the symbolism therein.
Life produces coincidences. This week, when we are urged to buy a poppy to remember the fallen, Marine 'A' is found guilty of murdering an injured Afghan insurgent in Helmand province. Should we buy poppies at all? Does Marine 'A' deserve leniency?
November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada and here I remember my uncle and namesake Moses A. C. Ingram who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I.
Satyanashi or Mexican prickly poppy, scientific name Argemone mexicana is common wasteland weed of Rabi season. The plant is known for it poisonous properties but has some medicinal values too. Useful Parts of this plant are roots, leaves, seeds and yellow juice.
War where death is too easy to accomplish.In this poem I remember the ordinary folk from both sides whom gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I dedicate this poem to my Great Uncle Douglas who died at the tender age of 19 in World War 2 whilst serving with 'The Glorious Glo...
Wikinut is a place where you can write a simple page as well as a star page as you get to know the techniques of spicing up with some catchy images and special formatting. I have many friends at Wikinut whose articles I love to follow, and this is a way I can follow them from my blo...
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