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The page highlights benefits of e-commerce portal in the contemporary business. Read many aspects of online stationery business and how it is benefited by the Internet.
Dream, real or not? Of course , yes , it , is , silly! Is your breath not real just because you are not remembering it fifteen breaths from now? I will tell you WHY I say this, as you follow me, you will also see, how all our dreams, are REAL! When I wake up on the other s...
Too many here have been mind control within this hologram for eons of time....
A top researcher in the Bermuda Triangle mystery is claiming he has solved the riddle and knows exactly what happened to ships and planes that were lost in this area. He has found a very strange large object in the waters around the Bahamas and feels that this is what was/is causing ...
It is naive to think that our world is the only one out there. We may be isolated, but we are not alone. Explore another world.
~standing on the cliffs’ edge~violent waves crashing beneath her~a sea lion dashed against ragged stones~eyes damp~hair blown wind~mourning the creature its death~a bit of something in herself~maudlin she thought~raised her arms~howled~a wounded thing she was~
~There are times you wake up when you haven’t been to sleep~lost to the moon’s dictation to tides~murder in your blood~riding the storm~the bad sister’s face in the mirror won’t drop~
Start searching in the right places and you will find the right match for yourself even before you realize.
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