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I love this quote from Casey Stengel "The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate you away from those who are still undecided"
Very little is really known of The First Black Man to Set Foot in Canada. It is not even for certain that Mathieu Da Costa ever existed.
A brief history of England vs Portugal soccer games.
Dao is one prolific wine making region in the Portuguese landscape, known for its top of the line red wines and especially its blends, this 2010 Catedral from Caves Velhas is one delight you don't want to miss.
A page of poetry, including holiday destinations, love and loss, humorous, poetry for children and hard hitting issues such as domestic violence and child abuse. There is also inspirational and though provoking poetry. I try to be a little different and have many styles including my o...
I will write more about this wonderful country for you.
How easy is it to be an expat? From this series apparently not that easy, even if the will and desire are there. Going to live in a foreign land as a result of a job transfer or for education is one thing, but what about from one’s own accord with limited finances in retirement? It...
The Big Three Clubs in Portugal, The History Portuguese Football League
The explaination of these 2 big clubs " The Portuguese Rilvary"
Wines made with pride and with a national fervor, are the Portuguese Port wines. Made with an all around pride and tender loving care, as this red wine considered as a dessert one will leave your taste buds demanding for more.
In this page you'll get to know one of the best poets of all time: Fernando Pessoa
In this chapter I write about the arrival of the first Europeans in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The travelling around the Iceland of Madeira has lots to offer to those who likes to explore new places. Discover Levada walks, the edge of Pico Ruivo and traditional “toboggan ride.”
This is a small description of the traiditional easter in my country.
I tell the story of an adventure in mid-Atlantic.
Cristiano Ronaldo destined as Michael Jordan in world football. Similarly, given the former coach of Portugal , Carlos Queiroz is confident CR7 will be one of the phenomenal star in the 2014 World Cup.
Lisbon is a fine place to visit as Portugal has a long association with India. Its one of teh cheapest places in Europe
Crimewatch, the BBC’s flagship programme aimed at contributing to the ‘fight against crime’, has re-ignited interest the Madeleine McCann story in a big way this week by dedicating over 25 minutes of air-time to a combination of a reconstruction of the relevant events, interview...
All in all I was not satisfied with my Thomson Majesty Canarian Flavours cruise holiday. I don't think I will choose Thomson cruise products anymore.
In the poetry collection “NIL DARIAR PREM” –(Ocean of Love), in language Bangla from Members of the European Country Portugal, in memory of Manoel Da Assumpcam, not only the first man to introduce in a Foreign Country at the time of British India, language Bangla.
Today, 21 February 2012 it like days of toys orphanage children’s play in the play ground with colour pencils and chocks to drew the picture of 1734 and 1952 in language ‘Bangla’ medically known as ‘Visual hallucination’ all over the world as children’s lost their on par...
the resurgence of the golden period seems impossible for the great mascot of European Union in foreseeable time.
This is the beginning of what I hope to be a series of world history pages. With the help of encyclopedias (the Encyclopedia Judaica being the old stand-by) and a magazine, I put before you what strikes my fancy, mingled with worldwide consensus, with a touch of American elitism. You ...
This is a ranking system which ranks footballing Nations based on their performances on top-level international competitions right from their inception. It is basically the mathematical evaluation of how National teams perform in various forms and levels of football right from their i...
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Reduce your tendency of been dull or you can even avoid it by relaxing, and if you get to understand these hilarious and as well brain storming jokes, you will of course not be like Jack.
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