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We all love to succeed, and especially to succeed repeatedly like Masters do. Although, almost no one wants to put in the time and work to succeed in that way. especially when there is lots of temporary failure involved with that reality of mastery and success. The only way we can rea...
Negative energy is not something to live with. Positive energy is something to make a life based on though. This article and its sections came from a thought I had about reality, like Napoleon Hill naming his work "The Law Of Success" instead of "The Laws Of Success". There is indeed ...
Spirituality is often confused with religion, and is oft misunderstood, oft maligned. Yet, spirituality in practice is not complex.
There are two known works of Roy Herbert Jarrett, otherwise known by his initials RHJ: "It Works" and "The Meaning of the Mark". These may be small books, but they have had such an amazing effect on my personal philosophy of life. I, in a humble way share that understanding and benefi...
Hiding in Plain Sight: America's Alternative Healthcare Practices
The genuinely royal road in life is not positive thinking, but, positive realization. The road of the genuine pauper is purely negative, whether it is taking bad news on TV seriously, or giving to a beggar when you need the money yourself. What I mean by positive realization is doing ...
A How-to Guide to enhance your spiritual life and changing your self-Image through a simple to use and easy to understand positive affirmation program.
Inspirational affirmations to allow little ones to love be-ing themselves. Fostering positive self esteem, in a fun, imaginative realm.
“Studies show that positive people are more successful in relationships and careers.”
When do we know we are in a Mental Prison is a selfaware question
Demonstrates the Curative Powers of Positive Thinking
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Blessing your food removes negative energy so it does not end up in your body. For example: how was an animal or plant killed? Was it violent, shock involved? What was the attitude or emotional state of the workers that worked around the plants or animals you eat? The machines, pa...
This is a short piece on actually not giving up. No matter what you do in life you always need to move forward and know that if you keep going you will be successful.
Sometimes we subconsciously judge and categorize people, forgetting to accept them as they come. We all have a story and struggle to share with other individuals and if you feel you do not, then you will..
This is a positive article to create more positive energy in the world. It is written in response to Wikinut Moderator [link=]Mark's Positive Article Challenge.[/link] [b]Whatever maybe the ...
Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well, but what really matters a whole lot more, is how you function when things are going poorly...
Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character.
What should be the proper mindset this coming New Year 2012? Is it helpful to imagine the worst things to happen or better think and focus only on all the best things that are yet to come?
Do you know that you are already in possession of the happiness you yearn for, the secret is sit and be still, just for a while.
As a coach, the number one reason a client comes to me is Fear.((IS FEAR HOLDING YOU BACK?)) Whether they are at the top and want to go higher or need to work through a problem, the common thread is False Evidence Appearing Real.
Law of attraction is not a new idea. It is always been in existence and used to attract deepest desires by many people. In this article, I'll share exact steps that you can used to make law of attraction works for you. But before that you need to understand what is law of attraction...
Vision boards can help everyone create the life they desire but this day they helped seniors create their vision upon returning home after recovering from surgery. Hooray!
A poem about overcoming the sorrow with positive attitude. Is the message clear to clear the clouded heart?
Do you really pay attention to what you say to yourself on a daily basis? If not, you should. Read on to see how changing your thoughts and words can ultimately change your life.
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