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Negative energy is not something to live with. Positive energy is something to make a life based on though. This article and its sections came from a thought I had about reality, like Napoleon Hill naming his work "The Law Of Success" instead of "The Laws Of Success". There is indeed ...
yesterday I was talking to a lady whom I considered to be classy. You know, well dressed, prim and proper, well educated, bla bla bla ... sad part was, she had the worst case of cynicism. Wow, I mean she was a negative person ... she had nothing good to say about anything. Sad ... I'...
I've been busy, and have been through a lot in the time since I was here last. This is an attempt to catch up
What do I have to be thankful for? I could spend mounds of time complaining and it will accomplish nothing. Instead I will see things in a different light and expect a turnaround in my life situations and circumstances.
All about Passionate careers and Positive lifestyle views
Feeling down is something which happens to everyone but getting up again is the most important part. This article discusses how to maintain a positive mindset even when the outlook is dreary.
The genuinely royal road in life is not positive thinking, but, positive realization. The road of the genuine pauper is purely negative, whether it is taking bad news on TV seriously, or giving to a beggar when you need the money yourself. What I mean by positive realization is doing ...
This somewhat controversial article will tell you that to be positive you must shine forth from the truth of your own self. You can never be positive when you are not being your real self. Negativity is defined by this writer as existing within you when you have disowned your own tr...
A How-to Guide to enhance your spiritual life and changing your self-Image through a simple to use and easy to understand positive affirmation program.
Early morning is a peaceful time, a time when you can connect with your heart and soul, think with a clear mind and get many things done. Early morning is a time to prepare yourself to get through the rest of the day with ease.
Horse shoe is universal symbol of positive over negative.Its a powerful remedy to help mankind.I'm going to share my opinion on the horse shoe
Quartz crystals are well known for helping to focus and transmit positive energy, so after a lot of research I decided to get myself a tigers eye quartz pendant to see if it would help supercharge my energy.
We all have the power to create the life that we truly dream of, so dream as big as you can and believe that it will become reality.
When thing are not going to plan and situations do not pan out as you planned, do not dispare as there will be bigger and better opportunities waiting for you around the corner.
For a long time depression controlled my moods and my life, but I am now fighting back with positivity and belief. I am now starting to banish depression and negativity from my live as I build towards a happier future.
Gratitude is one of the most powerful feeligs we have at our disposal and we can enhance this power with the use of a gratitude stone.
By starting each and every day you will create a positive energy field which will help you attract opportunity and happiness as your day progresses.
Share your rise to a more positive life and you will will increase your happiness and prosperity tenfold.
Every situation in life bring more opportunity and a chance to learn, as a result there is no such thing as failure just more opportunities to grow.
Being grateful for all that is good in your life is the basis of building a happy, positive and successful future.
In order to start improving your future you need to slow down and appreciate all that is around you.
“Studies show that positive people are more successful in relationships and careers.”
Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
People who always think with pessimistic will always see life as black and dark glasses, life will just end up sad and miserable. This is in contrast with those who always think " I'm Great", the people who think optimistic confident with the help of Allah . they believe that every pr...
Actions depends on each person's mind, and not every person is given the freedom for each response for any incident surrounding?. We are the kings of our own minds, but the environment influence a person's way of thinking. if we live in an environment that is positive, then the way w...
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