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You know, there is a time in our lives where we all know where we must walk, swim or travel. This is one of them: When we become drama kings or queens too much, we must step back, recover and remember ourselves. This is what this article and its sections are essentially about as a who...
yesterday I was talking to a lady whom I considered to be classy. You know, well dressed, prim and proper, well educated, bla bla bla ... sad part was, she had the worst case of cynicism. Wow, I mean she was a negative person ... she had nothing good to say about anything. Sad ... I'...
Spirituality is often confused with religion, and is oft misunderstood, oft maligned. Yet, spirituality in practice is not complex.
The road to eternal rewards passes through canyons and hills of toil, and the travel is aided by the presence of our brothers - silence and humility.
A blind and brute-force fight against negative tendencies tends to result only in frustration and despair. Proper understanding of the nature of each negative tendency and the right strategy would lend greater confidence in our efforts toward overcoming them.
I get sick and tired of people telling me that I am a negative thinker. Compared to who, I ask them? "Why don't I embrace positive thoughts?" they will ask me next. "We all just think. I have never had a negative thought in my life, nor have I ever had a positive one," I reply. I...
All about Passionate careers and Positive lifestyle views
The genuinely royal road in life is not positive thinking, but, positive realization. The road of the genuine pauper is purely negative, whether it is taking bad news on TV seriously, or giving to a beggar when you need the money yourself. What I mean by positive realization is doing ...
It is not always easy to have positive thoughts. There are circumstances that can create negativity. It is easy to think that no matter what has happened, nothing positive can come out of it.
Being positive is the best way to approach life. Positive thinking will help you to get through any difficult situation. You will never give up under any circumstances when you approach life being positive. Here are top ten reasons why you should be positive, read on.
When thing are not going to plan and situations do not pan out as you planned, do not dispare as there will be bigger and better opportunities waiting for you around the corner.
For a long time depression controlled my moods and my life, but I am now fighting back with positivity and belief. I am now starting to banish depression and negativity from my live as I build towards a happier future.
Gratitude is one of the most powerful feeligs we have at our disposal and we can enhance this power with the use of a gratitude stone.
By starting each and every day you will create a positive energy field which will help you attract opportunity and happiness as your day progresses.
Share your rise to a more positive life and you will will increase your happiness and prosperity tenfold.
Every situation in life bring more opportunity and a chance to learn, as a result there is no such thing as failure just more opportunities to grow.
Being grateful for all that is good in your life is the basis of building a happy, positive and successful future.
In order to start improving your future you need to slow down and appreciate all that is around you.
Our thoughts can make or break us so lets control them and shape our future! lets dump junk thoughts and empower ourselves with positive thoughts!
I learned a lesson today and I let my drive and passion for business and life fall away from me. I had to write this article to remind myself the 'never say die' business attitude.
I'm so tired of seeing useless negativity everywhere I look. It's time to find a reason to smile. Time to let the new and fresh life of Spring take hold and let go of any useless and ridiculous ideals of negative, feel sorry for yourself feelings.
When do we know we are in a Mental Prison is a selfaware question
Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
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Who does not like to enjoy the beauty of blossoming flowers and the fresh green leaves? Flowers produce fruits and seeds. Seeds decide the future of generations.
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