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I wrote this poem way back year 2002. It embodied mixed feelings of fright and worries. At the end, courage to try out weighted it all.
In depth look at Possession and questions to ask concerning the its symptoms..
An Inside look at Possession and how to cope with such situations!
A look at demons, devils and possession. Looking at the comparison to mental illness and how to disern the differrences.
The Mancharians speak here, again, of Duality like the two sides of a coin as we experience - learning - life on the physical plane. Indeed, how can we know "good" if we don't know "evil" or vice versa in the process of evolving towards our Higher Self? - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
There is always a worry when our children are in possession of thing, indirectly proportional to their financial bases.
November PAD Challenge Day 16 Once Upon A (Blank). Dedicated to my wonderful husband Troy.
People tend to think that their association as well as possession can give the some measure of leverage. But not so in a natural disaster
On the poetry prompt by Write, Market, and Design If Money were no object
This is a story about possession and hurting a whole family. Read more:
The second event on my big trip to the city. (You should probably be warned at this point that this part of the story gets escessivly violent so if you arent into that kind of thing I recommend you skip to part 4)
My hunt for my last hope continues as I delve deeper and deeper into the world at the end of existance.
This is a tribute to young American actor Lee Pace and it features short reviews for 5 of his great movies: Possession, The Good Shepherd, The Fall, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Soldier's Girl.
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