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He lived a carefree life, believing everything will fall in place in a set time. Others believed otherwise and saw him as hopeless fellow headed for calamity. Indeed, he encountered calamity, but not for long
It's sales time - again! And every year with a same question: whether you should be excited or not? How to achieve double pleasure without spending all of your budget in one day? Follow these quick steps and advice.
If you have dreams this is for you if your living the dream this is for you if you forgot your dreams this is for you
This poem is about taking the step into the right direction. You will feel happy with a bright future.
The only way a genuine winner is created is when action is taken past the word "done" or the word "finished". This is what I want to show and reveal to all who read this in terms that are not uncertain. Think, how many times life could have ended on earth, but ended up manifesting in ...
Now it is no difficult to search for any thing in Face book just like search in Google, Face book introducted Graph search service
Though our leaders promise the moon to get elected, harsh realities put paid to their promises and our dreams. We need to bridge the trust deficit divide based on actual reality to live in peace and safeguard our freedom.
This is my view on the topic of multitasking and the impact it has on you, me and society
Enlightenment is the carrot those who seek understanding strive for. It is not a prize to place on the Shelf of Accomplishment, but a golden light on the horizon leading the way to unending possibility.
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