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If one has a compelling story to write and doesn´t mind solitude, one will, of course, be a book author.
I write not about what my ideas are but about what the sites are. Here are some that pay good money. They are not pay-to-click sites (I know many of them and they do not pay). Hope you have a good time. It would help if you join under me, but that is only a suggestion.
Going Postal is a great movie based on a great author - Terry Pratchett. The film aims to be close to the original story line and is a great creation on it's own. This is my review of the film
The 5 People You'll Meet at Every Orgy.My first post
About a new social media site that pays it's members
The Spanish prime minister bids farewell to politics next year, but one wonders what sort of a wonderful post he's been offered.
A posted note may send thought beams to shine and ignite an upward climb. Its value fuels it journey. Its worth determine its lasting years.
In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, stands a magnificent Victorian building. This is the General Post Office, the post office has been transformed into a magnificent and luxurious mall. Suitable for shopping attractions.
I have put together some interesting and maybe unknown facts about the Beatles lyrics
well, if you want to count the words of your post or any other document, you can use either of these two ways, it may not be the best but at least it may help some people.
As most of us climb the wooden hill to our beds and turn out the lights, there is another world that comes to life in the darkness.
As a writer you want to get your posts out to every audience you can. Cash-post is a way to do this and earn a bit of extra cash.
Recently dealt with something online and wrote this in response.
For those online writers that choose to publish on a blog, there is one thing you must learn if you are going to try and make money via Google Adsense - your conversion rate. However, like with all writing, it takes hard work, and might require learning new techniques to get visitors ...
A couple of years ago, I had two old lamp shades and thought that I would see if I can think of a use for them. I am very interested in gardening so I thought that I would see if I could make a ball planter with them and attach it to the top of a spare broom handle.
A brief Article About what you should never post on facebook
Post Delivered in Bude in Cornwall on Old Penny Farthing
Dogs have many benefits within the society. They give love and loyalty to their masters. We really cannot deny that dogs are indeed put in a high status than other animals.
The Joy of Wikinut, is logging in and never quite knowing what you will find in your Inbox...The pleasure in sharing points of view, and friendly banter is infectious, and gives Wikinut a great sense of Community spirit..All 57 pages that sat there waiting for me to open with a single...
I found a little kitten in our laundry room. He was a little black kitten with blue eyes. I wanted to adopt him.
This review about MyLot was written on the 14th of April 2011. To-date, the author has already received her first ever online payment from MyLot and is her way to accumulating the minimum payout to receive her second payment through PayPal.
BEWARE This is NOT one for the kiddies, a tale how too much too much of a good thing can be bad, read on to find out what can be done
This is the introductory story from my "Dolly Ducktail" series of stories for the young
Method of growing beans and peas for people with limited garden space.
So, this blog got quite profound and thought-provoking. What a question.
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