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Poverty what! Do not promote slavery nor beggary let all earn a decent living
Growing population in India is also feeding poverty, which in turn aids population growth. This is a vicious cycle of population and poverty feeding each other. The only way out is the correct development model which is people-centric and women empowerment.
Poverty is a situation of multiple deprivations other than income. It can be best analyzed through multidimensional poverty indicators. Two such international measures are the Global Hunger Index and the Multidimensional Poverty Index.
Of the 1.25 billion population, between 400 and 600 million people are poor in India. Major reasons of so high poverty include faulty economic development model that is not people-centric, social exclusion of lower caste people, high population and corruption.
Poverty in India can be best described through the Global Hunger Index (GHI). It basically explores lack of nutrition status among children and their mortality. India is the biggest center of poverty, undernourishment and malnutrition in the world. Its economic growth has failed to re...
The title summarizes what the page says. This is a Roundel poem summarzing the state of the poverty stricken.
Better infrastructural facilities are a pre-requisite conditions for conditional cash transfer schemes
Slight changes in the definition of poverty line can change the number of poor in India by tens of millions. Recent change in the official definition of poverty line added 50 million people in the poor category, raising the number of poor from 27% to 33%.
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