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Jack Abramoff's story shows that the most efficient lobbying strategy during his career consisted in “owning” the public sphere without actually being part of it.(1) However, the borders between lobbying and politics became blurred. New perspectives arose. New methods were develop...
Sometimes this that are good are to good to be true. Sometimes we wish they are but get hurt when they are not
How do you open each article you write? Is it strong, is it powerful, does it move the reader? Truth is we have gotten used to writing that is just OK, headlines that are OK, and introductions that are just so. We need something more, we need something powerful.
Depression is the emptiness of the soul, that is, our inner self completely exhausted. In other words, the being that is taken by this malignancy live in a black and white world, not finding the colorful universe that once was part of their existence and suffering greatly for it.
This page shares some realities about the importance of money and relates some reasons why money is not root of all the evils. It is man that makes money in an evil way.
At the time of fertility and menstruation, vaginal discharge usually occurs physiologically lot. Is characterized, in the form of an aqueous liquid, having a clear or beige color, the number is not small, but it does not smell. Whitish, according to research, can be considered normal.
She does not go quiet into the night, not our girl. She stands up, she straightens her broken spine and adjusts her crooked heart. She does not just survive, she acts.
We are all proud of our nation and its development.But is our country really developing?
A force so strong co compelling that hits anyone anytime at will
Gratitude before and after fulfillment when you create an intention is the most powerful force in existence. In fact, gratitude is the best way to cope with life and existence on the whole. Ungratefulness is the key to bad health, unhappiness and the ultimate weakness, as I shall show...
The imagination is one of our most powerful tools to use for in it we can create anything. Yet we also get everything that goes with that creation so it would be wise to hold images of loving and light, joy and abundance always for The Highest Good. Many of you won't but then perhap...
In this page you can see all about muscle fitness and sports!
This is the question that comes to my mind. Which person in the church is supposed to possess the power to carry out the Great Commission? Is it just the preachers? Is it the Pope, the Bishops, the National and Foreign Missionaries? Yes they are to have the power, but YOU are also to ...
These are some of my personal experiences, which I am going to start with my teenage years and continue on section after section.
With all the power we believe we have on earth, God holds the greatest power and has given it to mankind to use wisely.
Splashes of ink on paper that weave together to become a plethora of poems
This is a review of The Book Thief. The Book Thief searches to explain the duality of human beings and words their ability to display amazing love, kindness, and mercy, while simultaneously being instruments of evil.
Power has it's image for every person who has power sometimes people abuse their powers and take advantage of their powers. But power means more then super powers emotional ones too when someone gets bullied every single day and no one is their to notice the feelings of that person. T...
November PAD Challenge Day 24- The truth about (blank) where in this the blank is love.
There is a lurking fear in all minds The world will end Friends I assure you the world will never end in our life times So '''relalax '''and enjoy sex....
This page gives the real power of internet which is an essential one in this days.
This article is about the persons who are misusing the power and influence
The secret to writing a good summary includes having a snappy "sales pitch" about the article which convinces people to look at what you have to offer. It is concise, to the point, and does not repeat.
A story that shows the purest expression of Bushido and represents the essence of the Samurai Spirit, demonstrating duty, loyalty, and the powerful bond that existed between a retainer and his master.
They are actors, such as the well-known artists, such as a popular actor, but they are real heavy activity against challengers. They also maintain popularity as an actor in the world of celebrities.
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