Pages tagged with Pray For Guidance

this poem saved me from a long writers block this is a true story while I was sitting in front of blank page and a Pray Mantis come to me and let him/her climb my hand and I started writing to this new friend of mine.
A collection of prayers in form of poems, songs and quotes, and other inspirational pieces.
This is all about challenges and being strong despite of many problems we face. Don't loose hope. Everyone has a better future.
I think that daily prayer is a key component in our witnessing, in our worship and in our daily devotion at home. It is necessary in the life of every Christian.
Every step in life is important. Most of the time, your success depends on your choice. At times you are at a dilemma which way to move further or what to choose. But if you do it holding the hands of God, you need not worry about the consequences.
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