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this poem saved me from a long writers block this is a true story while I was sitting in front of blank page and a Pray Mantis come to me and let him/her climb my hand and I started writing to this new friend of mine.
Interesting thoughts and real life happenings are given here to help answer the question of whether God answers prayer. Gain some knowledge about answered prayer experiences.
A collection of prayers in form of poems, songs and quotes, and other inspirational pieces.
This is about facing problems, stop running from problems. Problems will be solve if people learn to survive from it.
We are facing some ups and downs in life. But in times that we are feeling so down, there is one thing we can do to stand up again.
I think that daily prayer is a key component in our witnessing, in our worship and in our daily devotion at home. It is necessary in the life of every Christian.
It's only a few hours left to the 2012... Happy New Year to you all!
A problem I see a lot in the lives of many people striving to live life according to God's will.
You may be working in your office full of people or attending a party with lots of friends around. But your heart feels like you are in an empty room – alone and sad. You are smiling but secretly crying on the inside. You are dancing but your heart is motionless and deaf. Nothing se...
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