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Poetry about fear,understanding, love, loss and hope. Poetry had always help me have a better understand of life. I hope, you all enjoy these poems.
This is a poem about a person that can not heal. They have been hurt so deeply, they feel a part of their soul was taken away.
Rebounding into a relationship is not the best cure for a heartache. In fact, it makes your heart ache just that little bit more. You can also end up meeting a heartbreaker. What rebounding does allow, is, it enables you to forge and coincide new relationships. For better or for wors...
this poem saved me from a long writers block this is a true story while I was sitting in front of blank page and a Pray Mantis come to me and let him/her climb my hand and I started writing to this new friend of mine.
This Sunday, November 2, is the worldwide day of prayer for the persecuted Church. What is the history behind this and how can you participate?
Freeing ourselves from unnecessary baggage is a stepping stone to a fuller life. Forgiveness is the key for moving on. It is a precious gift we can give not only to others but to ourselves.
Ever wonder why bad things happen to Christians? Well, Christians aren't immune to bad things happening to them. So find out how to be an overcomer kind of Christian.
It's my routine to take a walk every night before going to sleep. Since, I'm living away from the city, I always find time to contemplate and think of many things.
Interesting thoughts and real life happenings are given here to help answer the question of whether God answers prayer. Gain some knowledge about answered prayer experiences.
Almost 80 % of the world suffer from back pain problems. Actually you can be healed by prayer instantly or will experience great improvement if You allow some Spirit-filled Christian to pray for you. This article will focus on upper back pain. Keep on reading and you will find out how...
My family was informed that our uncle my mother's eldest brother is being primed for sainthood. Gives us mixed feelings. :)
Spiritual poetry. This poem describes an angel watching over one. Do you believe in angels? Angels are real! Spiritual poetry about an angel. A guardian angel.
This is all about faith, love and hope in God. This is all about miracles. God is always there for us, no matter how hard life is.
This is all about challenges and being strong despite of many problems we face. Don't loose hope. Everyone has a better future.
Have you thanked God today? Have you gone on your knees to pray? Now is a good time to begin
Have you thanked God today? Have you gone on your knees to pray?
I would do anything for you Because my love for you is true
From Robert Brewer's prompt to write a poem about a challenging situation. This is to be a source of encouragement and also a reminder of a believer's commission from our to our Lord.
This poem has been inspired by a lot of what is going on and what people focus on. Sometimes we need to see other things we should focus on as well.
Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas where one can enjoy the flora and fauna along with devotion.
Some of my older poems. Good poems of better or worse times, depending on perspective.
With all the choices in life we have to make - we need to know which are the right ones for us - and for me praying for direction - and help - works.
This articles summarizes the core basics we should remember as we prepare for Christmas celebrations
November PAD Challenge Day 9- When He's Gone. Write a poem with that in the title or somewhere in the poem. Dedicated to my old best friend Adam.
Kerala is known as God's own country. There are many religious destinations. Pilgrimages are made to many temples, churches and mosques each year by devotees from all over the world.
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