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My Prayer Give me that strength Oh! Heaven, to live up to the hopes of all humanity
We learn prayers from parents and we use them for comfort and solace, prayer is the key that can open the doors for opportunity, we are healed through effective fervent prayers, we are saved through the prayer of faith.
President Uhuru Kenyatta is applauded by Kenyans in the Diaspora for urging the people of Kenya to dedicate their country to God, as opposition leader Raila Odinga recklessly vows to hold controversial rally in Kenya next month to "discuss his next plan"
I thank God for the grand privilege of prayer and I do pray daily. On this occasion I ask that all of you that believe in God and the power of prayer to join me and if you agree with me in this prayer when you finish type "Amen!"
This is the account of a day when women all over the world joined to thank God for what He is doing for many who have come to France to find refuge .
This article is about power of prayers. Our honest and sincere prayers never forsake us.
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