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My Prayer Give me that strength Oh! Heaven, to live up to the hopes of all humanity
kneeling posture is not as important as our attitude, the appropriate way is to be honest and sincere, God loves a person who is open to correction, not a pious person or a know it all individual.
When we say prayers, became witness to God's miracle. I would like to share my insights and how I have been moved by the movie "The Cookville Miracle". This contains spoilers.
So many of us need a new name to be written down in glory. and a new character to be shaped and be moulded into a heavenly diamond. humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt you in due season,
this poem saved me from a long writers block this is a true story while I was sitting in front of blank page and a Pray Mantis come to me and let him/her climb my hand and I started writing to this new friend of mine.
Writing to inform people from all over the world that there is a Facebook group where prayer is available 24 hrs everyday of the week.
Hence we see that prayer holds a high place among the exercises of a spiritual life. All God's people have been praying people. Look, for instance, many who have prayed, they have stained their the walls in their study with praying breath; they will pray until the light shines through...
Felipe and Anthony discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings on the night on the night they recused David from drowning. A bond is forged between the three boys.
God created man and woman in his image and in his likeness, and he blessed their union, and we understand that the union together is a working relationship, efforts must be used to help improve the marriage, this includes reading Gods word and praying together.
Jesus prayed until his sweat became as drops of blood, he was hemorrhaging in prayer, bleeding as if he was cut in little pieces, this is a prayer at the depth of the most agonizing emotions. And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling...
Here we were, finally in Maine, praying for a suitable home to reside in. The months were going by quickly, soon it would be winter. The little camper was just not going to be sufficient enough to keep us warm. Would God supply us with a home that we were praying for. Would it come in...
I thank God for the grand privilege of prayer and I do pray daily. On this occasion I ask that all of you that believe in God and the power of prayer to join me and if you agree with me in this prayer when you finish type "Amen!"
Free me from any lingering effects of my involvement and help to trust you completely for my future.
Years ago whilst praying to God, it occurred to me that I did not know a specific prayer to thank Lord Jesus for his sacrifice and love for us. So I came up with the following, I thought others may find occasion to use it so I have decided to post it here...
This may seem hard to believe ...but I would never lie about something such as I am about to share ...and I do not take the credit either ..... It really happened this way ....
This is all about putting our trust in God. He will never let us fall, God will never give up on us so we should not give up on Him. This is all about faith and trust.
This is about facing problems, stop running from problems. Problems will be solve if people learn to survive from it.
Most of us suffer from this cancer not only I cancer of E G O BUT i ACCEPT IT MANY DON'T AND NEVER SHALL AMEN!
This is the account of a day when women all over the world joined to thank God for what He is doing for many who have come to France to find refuge .
In this report - Strengthen Your Brain Through the Power of Prayer - you will discover how consistent prayer induces a valuable anti-aging benefit.
You are one of those elect beings who spends your life rummaging around, looking for the broken Hearted and damaged beings who are found discarded among the thorns and thistles of apathy and callousness of life, this story which is written about a doctor who selflessly worked in Afric...
This article is about power of prayers. Our honest and sincere prayers never forsake us.
I start and end my day with prayers and thanksgiving. This poem reflects how thankful I am for all the gifts God has given me.
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