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My Prayer Give me that strength Oh! Heaven, to live up to the hopes of all humanity
If you meet your Guru or Buddha on the road, kill him is similar to what Sheldon B. Kopp said about "help outside of yourself without attempting to help yourself and have God meet you halfway as you are helping yourself. I want to get straight to the point here and now. We must genuin...
Well, sometimes, reality can be easy, and sometimes, reality can be hard. This article is a sort of primer on how to take it all no matter what.
Often times we feel beat up and lonely but I am here to let you know that these are thoughts of lies created to destroy your very being. Stay Encouraged.
Reviewing the prayers of the apostle Paul as he prays for those in the churches he is writing to
The more we depend upon God, the more closer we draw near to him. God's plans for our lives is bigger than our mistakes. when we put our faith and trust in him, he is able to delver us from adverse situation. when we believe in his promises, we can always depend on God to show up.
Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” Luke 11:1
This article contains points of interest in light of what is truly right now happening in the Philippines. It likewise illuminates us how water spares us.
Religion is a wonder psychological tool. It gives some people hope where there was none before.
kneeling posture is not as important as our attitude, the appropriate way is to be honest and sincere, God loves a person who is open to correction, not a pious person or a know it all individual.
This is a poem that looks at what it means to be saved by Jesus Christ.
Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, he knew the spiritual usefulness of prayer and made it his daily duty to communicate with the father.
As we walk along the path of life, life can get tough and you may feel like giving up. Never give up, pray. A prayer will help you throughout your journey.
Poetry comes pretty close to representing the language of God's love at times. Its hidden messages are often written in the silence between the lines. Here are some recent poems of mine about God's language, love, and laughter.
In the quiet, I get in touch with who and what I am, which is not this flesh and blood. These thoughts reflect my experience.
When we say prayers, became witness to God's miracle. I would like to share my insights and how I have been moved by the movie "The Cookville Miracle". This contains spoilers.
This book review is about the life of an extraordinary man. Sadhu Sundar Singh put on his yellow robe of humility as a sign of his self-giving of his life to Jesus. He wore this colour for the rest of his short life. "It is easy to die for Christ", he said once, "but it is living fo...
This article reviews a remarkable little book. It tells us how to pray, and also what to pray. The author has created a certain way of praying. He calls this his "breath prayer." "We must have on our lips what is always in our heart," he tell us. Within the Christian tradition of...
So many of us need a new name to be written down in glory. and a new character to be shaped and be moulded into a heavenly diamond. humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt you in due season,
There was a challenge presented by a Church on facebook. The Church’s challenge suggested, ninety days to a healthier lifestyle, which included spiritual life, physical, health life and financial life. Since everyone could afford to boost their spiritual life, financial life and i...
This is a poem that describes a Sunday Morning at sunrise and beyond.
I never thought much about the words but now that I think about this hymn, I am kind of confused how it qualifies as a praise or prayer.
This poem is an attempt at showing the reader how to eat humble pie, without adding excessive levels of sauce to it. A postscript section is added on here to my poem to show you that when you pray sincerely, you will develop humbleness in your character. Can pride and humility liv...
Being a herdsman Abraham traveled the region with his flocks and at the time of this happening was living in Gerar. Once again in fear for his life he had told the people that Sarah was his sister, rather than his wife.
We learn prayers from parents and we use them for comfort and solace, prayer is the key that can open the doors for opportunity, we are healed through effective fervent prayers, we are saved through the prayer of faith.
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