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I get dressed as Batman for Halloween and I scare grandpa, but I didn't mean to scare him-honest I didn't!
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
The word "preaching" often reminds us of those old fire and brimstone type of preachers. They are the pulpiteers puppetting their own versions of a mind based philosophy onto us. This is why people hate such preaching. It takes them further away from truth. They feel this, and so do...
Beware the Ides of March once was said quite brilliantly with dire This is Said to You who rant and rave and preach..Sometimes we need to say it as it Is and I have over many lifetimes put up with the slings and arrows of vindictive people because I am willing to stand up...
Johnny bee has been reading me for years now ... a great man and my well wisher too.. I do hope Wikis will knock off a Star off me ...and award it to the most genuine one... who needs to be Starred ...You all join hands in prayer that Moderators can dare overrule silly ru...
Whatever happened to fire and brimstone preaching? I give my opinion.
How can anyone run a country, any country and ignore what is happening in it?, poverty, struggles with life and housing or even feeding their children. The reason for this - we are always governed by somebody that has never been in any of these situations. Normally someone born with a...
The Street Church is anything but your stereotypical church. There are no church pews, nor are there any stained glass windows. In fact, there are no windows and there aren't any doors?
Very often we like to tell others what they should do and what they should not do, though we are bad examples.
We remind the children "I told you so" all the time. they go up and tell us "papa don't preach.. whose job is it anyway?
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