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It's the Speculator Age, it's a crossover, it's Batman versus Predator, they did more of these but this is the first, so read on.
That the fastest animal in the jungle is a prey doesn't mean it can measure up with the predators. This was the case of the kangaroos that almost got annihilated from the jungle.
There was a new discovered dinosaur in Venezuela and it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex's Predecessor.
I was on a small creative tear when this one came to mind. Being of how I seen girls, and how my society views them in regards to being "innocent". Comments are open.
It is amazing what those creatures do as they strive for surcicial
Many farmers are now using Alpacas, or Llamas to guard their smaller livestock animals. Learn more about using Alpacas or Llamas as guard animals.
Bosses from Hell and how to unmask them and avoid them and escape them
Man is always fascinated by these by these creatures which existed in antiquity since the advent of the television more eager to know of them.
I was a couple of months in to the thirty-six months I’d spend in California with my new wife before returning to my children in Colorado. I began to count backward from a thousand days out. My brother, who spent twenty years in prison, advised me not to do that. A bad way to do ...
The cheek and inappropriateness of a predator dating the mother to get close to the daughter
There are lots of Animals which are perceived as dangerous to us (Humans). And if we are to list them, we can go on and on and still not stop. Nevertheless, from discoveries, there are some distinct Animals which are just perfect for this category of collection, let's find out!
Glimpse in the world of top 10 most dangerous predators on this planet
~I won two hamsters in a pool game in a bar~took them home to my 5 year old son~told him keep these guys in food & water~if you don’t they’ll die~he took them in their shoe-box house into his room~a couple of weeks later I looked in~they were tits up~called out to him~lecture time...
Competition is a kind of relationship in the ecosystem in which several organisms are competing from the same source of food. In the case that the source of the food is limited or scarce, there is a tendency that on of these organism will going to die or failed to survive and the othe...
This event would have an effect to the Blue Whale’s migration pattern and could affect the way they feed,they mate, and they give birth.
Some experts and scientist believed and estimated that the Blue Whale can be able to live for up to 80 years.
Some experts and scientist believed and estimated that the Blue Whale can be able to live for up to 80 years.
This is a story of a hen which lived with us for about five years when I was living with my parents in my Village called Choutkur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Social Vulnerability,and How We Are All Open to Abuse, a little warning to us all
Farm animals are not like pet cats or dogs. When a dog is sick it shows symptoms, but when a farm animal is ill, in pain, or unhealthy, it tries extra hard to look healthy. Those people who keep livestock must be extra alert to watch for signs of health problems in livestock animals...
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