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There are lots of things we failed to see in regard to this election, and the result was a woefully inaccurate prediction.
You are no stranger to these phenomena since you have gained cognition about world around you. Signs of awareness would have struck when you were in crib probably, or in the womb maybe. Naa! you were not that smart, so crib it is.
This article is based on my own observation. I request the reader to please give opinion and comment.
A brief "horoscope" for Nigeria in the month of June.
Just a brief numerology forecast for the week of May 25th - May 31st, 2015
There are 2 matches playing for the Champions League. First one is Monaco vs Arsenal and the second one is Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen. Read on for predictions for both match-ups.
A brief history of riots. The anatomy of a riot. A future prediction about riots.
This article is pretty much about the life that happens spiritually as well as what we receive between the ears in our brain from the spirit, in that order. However, when we are serious about our end results, all things come into play spiritually and physically to create those ends.
Astrology has been studied upon the Earth plane for thousands of years. This writer is saying here that similar schemes of explaining the way that things work also exist upon the other higher planes of existence too.
Its cold outside, do we really have to go out? That it the key question when it is really cold what can you do? The truth is we have to grin and bear it. Whether we believe the weather forecast or not is a personal preference, we simply have to deal with it.
Hurricanes are the largest and most dangerous weather systems on the planet. Some areas haven't had an extreme one in many, many years. Key West is just one of them. In most of these areas the climate is mostly wonderful and so people have settled in and heavily populated.This highly ...
Manger has been the inseparable symbol of Christmas. It is the humble place where the divine Baby was laid down on this earth- because he was not given a proper place to be born. Does the “manger birth” predicts the danger to the children of the modern world? Manger is not a Mayan...
In Bush v. Gore in 2000, Mercury retrograde during the election wreaked havoc. We're poised for a repeat in 2012.
There have been many discussions going on recently about a conspiracy with the supposed discovery of one of the fabled Hall of Records in Egypt. Many researchers are claiming that both the Egyptian government and Zahi Hawass are covering up the discovery.
There are many science fiction stories, here are few which became a reality
Do animals have the ability to sense earthquakes before they happen? This brief article considers the apparent "sixth sense" abilities of animals.
Are you concerned that the world is going to end in 2012? You are among many who wonder this very same question. Read the following poem, and find out what a subject matter expert says on the end of the world in 2012.
It is so amazing the power of fear, how it can make people change their ways.
Predicting specifics astrologically is a difficult art, as many factors need to be considered.
There is currently a tremendous scurrying towards the occult as well as various forms of Astrological predictors in an attempt to try and make some sense of all the calamities striking our planet at the moment. One after another, cataclysm strikes a city or country somewhere, commod...
Can you imagine our world 5, 10, 20 or 50 years later? Here are some predictions.
Paul, an octopus in a German aquarium, had correctly predicted results of matches involving Germany! This oracle octopus was a celebrity during FIFA world cup 2010!!
When expecting a new baby many people enjoy trying to guess what the sex of the child will be. This article will provide some old wives tales and ancient methods used to predict a baby's sex.
Who is the winner of the FIFA World Cup? Is it the Spanish team who won the final with a golden goal? Or is it the South African Organization that took the initiative for everything? Or is it the Octopus oracle Paul who predicted the victory?
Could the devastating Earthquake in Haiti and other large earthquakes recently be warning signs of the 2012 Mayan prophecy? What other disasters are we in store for over the next few years.....
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