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A quick look at the "psychic weather" for Nigeria in July.
The poems shared here depict about human lives , how humans suffer, why they suffer and how to stop the sufferings..The poems relate human struggles....
A comprehensive list of World Cup Predictions for what teams will exit the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil during the Group Stages.
Here I go again! so whichever sign you were born under, took your first breath and your soul entered that tiny body find out what is in store for you this month! but for more detailed information contact Steve Kinsman, the best Astrologer around.....
Manger has been the inseparable symbol of Christmas. It is the humble place where the divine Baby was placed on this earth- because he was not given a proper place to be born. Does the “manger birth” predict the danger to the children of the modern world? Manger is not a Mayan Cal...
Science fiction has served as a tool for guiding the development of technologies. What comes next and where do we go from here? Here are my views on the realms of science fiction yet to be developed
Come one, come all and join in our very own WikiPrem prediction league!!
Playing to lose can be both less risky and less satisfying as a style of negotiating one's way through life.
My thoughts about the AFC teams that missed the playoffs last year.
My thoughts about the NFC teams that missed the playoffs last year.
A few suggestions on stocks to invest in, and some companies that are doing quite well for themselves.
These are the prophecies of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce on what may be in store for us in 2012. It certainly does not look good. And what looks even more bizarre is that both prophets point to the same catastrophes occurring in the coming months.
Official NFL Power Rankings for Upcoming 2012-2013 NFL Season. Also included are the final team record projections for every team along with how they will finish in each division.
Could Nostradamus actually have made a prediction about the death of Osama Bin Laden hundreds of years before it happened?
I dream once in a while of flying through the air I have no sense of why or where But dreams sometimes might reveal A need to speak of what we really feel.
There are many science fiction stories, here are few which became a reality
Have a personal or a business problem, want a decision on something, need to know what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year - visit a fortune-teller!
Predictions and predictors have always been part of the human experience. Their lack of credible accuracy seems to do little to diminish interest in and attention paid to them.
Well here is Songbird B's offering to Mark Gordon Brown's Poetry challenge that he set in December of 2011. 2012 is The Year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology, and here are a few of the predictions of the possible future to come...
When I first discovered the graph, I left it with all of the other stuff I found inside the antique Victorian wash stand. Only the other day while I was sorting the contents of the stand, did I actually take a good look at the faded handwriting and strange lines and dots on this sta...
My predictions for today’s Premier League games, including Manchester United playing at Wigan.
Have you noticed how fast time moves nowadays, how fast day becomes night, how big the moon is becoming and sets just like the sun from the horizon...our end is near...
The character, and the future prospects, of President Obama are of great interest to people in the world today. The shape of the hand, and the lines on it, can convey a lot of information to the experienced reader. This article contains a reading taken in November/December 2008. How a...
See which religions and who believes that in December, 21. 2012 will happen something great.
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